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Brilliant concert by Roger Hodgson on Friday night in Temecula, CA. This was the first date of his 2012 tour, this time touing with a band (Half from Canada, other half from LA - The sax player and drummer really stood out). "This is the first time in 30 years after leaving Supertramp, I am again touring with a band. People knew who Supertramp was, but Roger Hodgson was much less known. It was only thru the support of Southern Calfornia fans and Pechanga casino that it was finally shown to promoters that I can draw an audience, and I am ever so grateful to all of you", he said.

This was a renewed Hodgson who finally appeared be at peace. His voice was incredible, after all these years, still hitting the high notes and sounding better than even when he was with Supertramp.

His songs are often of bad/difficult times in his life. "This is how I deal with those times, thru music. These were personal, deep songs which were private to me. I had no idea these songs would eventually touch millions of people & they would feel the same way", he said.

He again told personal stories before many of his songs. "When I was in my early 20's, I was completely in love with this lady, but she decided she needed to move to India. Supertramp was unknown I didn't feel right about leaving the band. I begged her to stay, but she left. Months later, I wrote 'Lady' but struggled with the vocals in the stuido for days. Out of the blue, she calls me and asks 'I have been thinking of you for days. What are you doing ?' I still haven't seen her".

Every song was a joy, and I found no dull/slow parts in his concert. Many people were standing up for each song, waving their arms and dancing as if in a trace to the music (even his tour manager !). Looking around at the audience, you could see the joy in everyone's faces as the memories came pouring out. Would I
recommend you see this concert ? Bloody Well Right !

Here's the songs which Roger will be performing on tour (Give or take a few more not listed):

Take the Long Way Home
Give a Little Bit
The Logical Song
Breakfast in America
It's Raining Again
Don't Leave Me Now
Even in the Quitest Moments
If Everyone Was Listening
Fool's Overture
Child of Vision
Love is a Thousand Times
Open the Door
Hide in Your Shell
Lovers in the Wind
Rosie Has Everything Planned
Easy Does It
Sister Moonshine
Along Came Mary
Oh Brother
Two Of Us
In Jeopardy
Lord Is It Mine
Puppet Dance
The Meaning
Soapbox Opera

Here's a concert clip of a audience sing-song with "Give a Little Bit":

Rock on,

"I realize I have a legacy of music that has been the backdrop for many people's lives and every night from the stage, I see the smiles or the tears on people's faces as they recall a time in their lives that the song I'm playing reminded them of" - Roger Hodgson


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