[Classic_Rock_Forever] New MOTU Video/New Motu CD


Here is a new MOTU Video from the new MOTU CD:

In preparation of the new MOTU CD Release Party, here is a YouTube Video of one
of the songs from this new MOTU CD Release. Dig it and on April 16th you will be
able to buy this whole show on CD! Come to the CD Release Party April 15th @
BOBBiQUE and get this CD at a special price before it is released to the public!
CD Release Party Info:
Blues - MOTU LIVE excerpt from the 2012 CD:
MOTU - Barrier Beach Blues

This video was taken by Dee Loebl at the 3rd Annual Barrier Beach Blues Festival
held in 2011 @ Long Beach, NY. It features a very rare MOTU (Dr Richard
Michelson) PLUS, besides the fact that Jerry Schaefer is going to MC this show,
the band are scheduled guests on Jerry Schaefer's Graveyard Blues Show later
that SAME NIGHT on WRCN 103.9FM. So BOBBiQUE will be CD Release Party #1 from
2PM to 6PM
and then at 9PM tune into WRCN 103.9FM where you can hear CD Release Party Part
#2 Live on the radio!

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