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Irie and Aloha !
We'd love to introduce our company Tropikal Productions, an entertainment agency specializing in authentic, "Tropikal"
entertainers/performers from around the world. Based in Dallas, Texas, since 1992, we offer professional artists, bands, soloists, dancers, fire artists, everything from Hawaiian hula dancers to Caribbean steel drums, reggae to salsa, Afrikan drums, dancers and much more.
We'd like to connect and submit our roster of artists for concerts, festivals, parties, luaus, special events, schools, colleges, weddings and all cultural performances.
We also have an awesome program for kidz from pre-school to college called One World of Music which opens up a world of music to promote diversity, understanding and appreciation of all cultures.

Please check our links below and let us know any entertainment needs. We also have standard jazz pianists, duos, trios, etc... and most of our groups are very flexible in size and versatility to fit budgets and entertainment needs. We have performed at virtually every major venue, concert series, college, convention, hotel, resort, country club, etc... in the DFW metro, across the state and Hawaii, Cancun and Jamaica, with tons of references available.  Catering and tropikal decorating available as well for all your party needs.
Call us - 972-771-3797 usa
Email - tropikalproductions@gmail.com
Website - www.tropikalproductions.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/tropikalproductions

Top Tropikal Artists:
  WATUSI ~ The original Reggae/Worldbeat group on World Beatnik Records, a musical mix of roots reggae, dancehall, soca, zouk, Afrikan and Latin riddims with a "One Love" vibe!
Watusi is a 10 piece headline act with a powerful show, a true legend of world beat music, respected highly by musicians and fans all over the world. Since 1983, Watusi has spread their music from Hawaii to Jamaica, Afrika, and around the world, performing with all top reggae and world music artists for 29 years, airplay in 106 countries, and have won all of the Texas music awards, Dallas music awards and nominated internationally.
Check the Vibes:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/watusiworldbeat
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watusireggae
Site/calendar: www.tropikalproductions.com/watusi

PANORAMA is our top steeldrum/calypso/Caribbean jazz group featuring steel pans, a mix of Caribbean soca, calypso, merengue, samba, bossa nova and reggae. This group is the top call for instrumental Caribbean vibes with tons of references and may be booked from 3 to 8 players. And, they just released their debut cd, "Jamma" on World Beatnik Records.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/panoramamuzik
Site: www.tropikalproductions.com/panorama.html

BALI HAI Hula is our top hula dance group, bringing authentic hula from Hawaii, Tahiti and all of Polynesia, featuring Leolani, Ms. USA 2002, and Cheryl, Miss Hawaii 1991.
From 1 to 8 dancers, with option of Samoan fire-dancer for your luau or event.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/balihaihula
Site: www.tropikalproductions.com/balihai.html
Youtube videos: www.youtube.com/watusireggae under "Tropikal" playlist

Samoan fire-knife dancer ~ Authentic highlight of luau!!  
Youtube videos: www.youtube.com/watusireggae  under "Tropikal" play list.                      

  WAVE is our Latin jazz group with everything Latin from Cuban salsa to hot Brazilian samba and cool Bossa Nova. Eclectic play list, great players and may be booked from 3 to 8 players. Wave just released their debut cd, "Pura Vida" on World Beatnik Records.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wavemuzik
Site: www.tropikalproductions.com/wave.html

  Jimbe Afrique is our Afrikan musical group featuring all the top Afrikan styles and rhythms, with great musicians and an amazing vocalist from Zaire, Ndanda Kosovo, famous all over the Afrikan continent for his beautiful voice and dancing. Also may include the kora, Afrikan harp and the option of Afrikan dancers and drummers. Flexible size of band from 4 to 8 players, 1 to 8 dancers, male and female in beautiful costumes, and additional drummers from 2 to 8. SHAKA!!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jimbeafrique
Site: www.tropikalproductions.com/jimbeafrique.html

And….. Many more artists, groups, soloists, specialty performers, all styles of dance and music.
Check the site- www.tropikalproductions.com
And call us at 972-771-3797
Thanks and mahaloz, we'd love to provide some great entertainment for your event or clients!

     Tropikal Productions

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