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Hi Tim,

THANK YOU so much for recording, posting & sharing!!! I was hoping that someone had the Anaheim concert & recorded it! I shall love reliving that awesome concert, night!!! Whoohoo, love U2 & the concert was just AMAZING!!! I can't believe I FINALLY got to see U2 live in concert (after being a fan for endless years!!!) and was lucky enough to get 4th row back in the "inner circle", which was something/a night I will NEVER forget!!! Just wish I had more picture, my phone battery died & I had camera issues that night.

Thanks again, now ... on to listening!!! ;)

So. Cal U2 fan! ;)

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> A bit of shameless self-promotion:
> http://www.youtube.com/user/eltimbomofo/videos?view=pl
> Ive got both Anaheim shows posted as playlists on my youtube channel.
> Hope you like.
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