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That's an unfair comment....Deep Purple and Led Zep were never considered Metal in their day because to start with Metal never existed......they were always a Rock Band, maybe even classed as Heavy Rock, and in the case of Zep and a few of their tracks even Prog Rock. Metal bands came on the scene soon though......categorizing was never a science!
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I consider Metal anything that is played on the Boneyard on Sirius radio.  :)
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I have always had a problem with labelling bands. Is Led Zeppelin, metal or rock ? Have seen good arguments for both.


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Interesting how labels have changed through the years. Back in the day we all considered Deep Purple and the like to be Metal bands. Now i think of them more as a hard rock band, compared to the metal that followed. Makes no difference though, they are a tremendous band whatever label they get - and i will be seeing them for the first time next month.
I will make similar lists but they will have more to do with era than genre. These would likely change if I made the lists again tomorrow.
Megadeth (I will also see next month along with Motorhead)
Rock (hard and otherwise):
Uriah Heep
Jethro Tull
Alice Cooper (the band)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Deep Purple

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My top five metal bands are:
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Dio(includes Heaven and Hell, Rainbow, and solo)
Deep Purple
My top five rock bands are:
Reo Speedwagon
April Wine
Blue Oyster Cult

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