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I like stuff like that. Nice solo, that changes the mood.


The first impression is always 'what the heck, don't mess with something that engrained in my mind', but a fellow gets over that and takes it for what it was intended.


I have an album of Beatles Rarities that I bought sometime in the late 70's. Nothing earth shaking, but it had some songs like Penny Lane that had 5 extra trumpet notes at the end of it, or I think an extra beat inserted somewhere in 'I Am The Walrus', German version of She Loves You (Sie Liebt dic)sp, other stuff. It was fun at the time, because I just didn't have access to alternate takes or that many bootlegs during that period.



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The Beatles are the exception I guess, theres been no new music from them for 40 years. All we have now are these "hidden gems in the original recordings" things like this 

but those fascinate me, and I would imagine Clint might be interested as well.

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The musical angle was just a part of the equation in the show. The point was that tastes certainly change and evolve, but there is an emotion attached to that timeframe.
Part of the assumption is that as a 14 yr old, there could be numerous styles that appealed to you, me, the girl next door. As much as I was into Alice Cooper, I also was also listening to Stevie Wonder, Stampeders, BTO and the Statler Brothers.
That's a good point regarding Led Zeppelin, or any group that ceased to exist or stopped making new music.

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I've heard that many times, the 14 year old thing. 

Some of the bands I was into back then, I still occasionally spin a disc. Kiss, Blue Oyster Cult, Alex Harvey, Mott the Hoople, Golden Earring, Ramones. But not too much. One of my favorite all-time bands, Led Zeppelin, they're still my favorite, but I rarely listen to them anymore unless someone sends me a bootleg I havent heard.

Two of my favorites, the Beatles and Stones, I discovered much earlier than 14, probably about age 5 or 6 or 7 and my appreciation for them simply continues to grow, I never get tired of either band. 

My hard rock friends cant believe I adore Abba, as I discovered them relatively late, long after I had become a musician, played on albums, toured, done hundreds of gigs. They certainly dont fit the pattern of "hard rock guitar" stuff I found at 14 years old.

What can I say. I must be atypical, as the older I get, I wander farther away from the stuff I liked when I was 14. And even "new stuff" that supposedly "sounds like" the stuff I liked when I was 14, all the hard rock bands, they dont interest me.

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I watched an episode of Criminal Minds last night. Something that the character 'Reed' said was interesting. He mentioned that music that is discovered when a person is around the 14 yrs old range, will have the most impact on that person.
He went on to say that musical tastes can/will certainly evolve, but that time that you discover something yourself, rather than listening to what your Parents play is a very powerful time of life.
I'd agree with that, and obviously some of us got some excellent direction from Parents or other influences.
I have no idea if Bon Jovi fits that bill for you, but it is interesting to say they will always be in your top list. I get it, and I guess that's why Alice still hits home for me.
..and its nice to see another Rob Zombie fan out there!

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1. Pink Floyd
2. Bon Jovi - They were my first band that I was REALLY into.. they will always have a place in my top whatever.
3. The Beatles
4. Rob Zombie
5. Iron Maiden
1 and 2 will always be there, 3-5 can and do change regularly.
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1.  Iron Maiden and Judas Priest (This includes solo stuff by Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford as well as other bands like Fight and Glen Tipton solo projects)
2.  Dio(includes solo projects, Rainbow)
3.  Sammy Hagar(solo, VH,Chickenfoot)
4.  Whitesnake
5. Deep Purple

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