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That is absolutely the case. I was 13 when I heard Slippery When Wet and I was sold. New Jersey was the first album I bought (took me 3 weeks of pocket money to save up for it too.)
My mum played Elvis , The Beatles and Donovan when I was growing up and my dad played Brass Band music every Sunday morning whilst cooking breakfast. So I had an eclectic musical start.
I think that the episode of Criminal Mind you mentioned will be on TV here in the UK in a couple of weeks, I'll keep an eye out for it
I am a Zombie fan.. not just the music but the films, art all of it. He just strikes a chord with my sensibilities. He gets a lot of knocks from Horror fans who claim he ruined they Halloween films. I couldn't disagree more.. he re-invented a mythos that was so tired and played out and gave it a modern relevance.
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I watched an episode of Criminal Minds last night. Something that the character 'Reed' said was interesting. He mentioned that music that is discovered when a person is around the 14 yrs old range, will have the most impact on that person.

He went on to say that musical tastes can/will certainly evolve, but that time that you discover something yourself, rather than listening to what your Parents play is a very powerful time of life.

I'd agree with that, and obviously some of us got some excellent direction from Parents or other influences.


I have no idea if Bon Jovi fits that bill for you, but it is interesting to say they will always be in your top list. I get it, and I guess that's why Alice still hits home for me.

..and its nice to see another Rob Zombie fan out there!




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1. Pink Floyd
2. Bon Jovi - They were my first band that I was REALLY into.. they will always have a place in my top whatever.
3. The Beatles
4. Rob Zombie
5. Iron Maiden
1 and 2 will always be there, 3-5 can and do change regularly.
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1.  Iron Maiden and Judas Priest (This includes solo stuff by Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford as well as other bands like Fight and Glen Tipton solo projects)
2.  Dio(includes solo projects, Rainbow)
3.  Sammy Hagar(solo, VH,Chickenfoot)
4.  Whitesnake
5. Deep Purple

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