Re: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Song of the year 1982 pt. 18


1. Chris DeBurgh - Don't Pay the Ferryman [not always a DeBurgh fan but what I like, I really like]

2. Willie Nelson - Last Thing I Needed, the First Thing This Morning [one of my favourite songs from Willie]

3. Neil Diamond - Heartlight [its Mr. D, he's always going to be on my list]
4. Joni Mitchell - (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care  [nothing square about Joni ... she's cool, cool, cool and so is the song]

5. UFO - Let It Rain [put on the headphones and thoroughly enjoyed it]

6. Tommy Tutone - Which Man Are You [gotta be honest, I don't remember tutone but enjoyed listening to this]

7. Juice Newton - Heart of the Night [Juice doing her thing, she always sounds good]

8. John Hall Band - You Sure Fooled Me [reminds me of someone else but can't put my finger on it]

9. New Order - Temptation [don't remember the song or band but enjoyed it]

10. Dennis Brown - Halfway Up, Halfway Down [a fun song to listen to]

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Choose your top ten favorites from the list, preferably after looking up ones
you don't know on youtube or somewhere, and list them in your order of
preference. The show wraps in one week.

35 Dave Edmunds Me and the Boys
36 Cure One Hundred Years
37 Jam Running on the Spot
38 Frank Marino Strange Dreams
39 Chaka Khan Twisted

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