Re: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Song of the year 1966 pt. 18


Real tough narrowing this list down but here is my top 10 list today [tomorrow may be different] ....

1. Cream - Wrapping Paper [listened twice to this song, back to back]

2.  Sam the Sham and Pharoahs - Lil' Red Riding Hood [always liked this song. Also try listening to ] 

3. Love - Hey Joe [classic song done by so many artists. Sounds as good today as it did 45 years ago]

4. Bob Dylan Can You Please Crawl - Out Your Window [didn't particularly like Dylan years ago but find myself appreciating him much more now days]

5. John Lee Hooker - Bottle Up and Go [classic John Lee, souonds so good]

6. Paul Revere and Raiders - Good Thing [gotta have Paul Revere near the top of my list]

7. Lee Dorsey - Holy Cow [long forgotten song but oh so good to hear again]

8. David Houston - Almost Persuaded [a true country classic]

9. Young Rascals - Do You Feel It [don't know why but I've alway thought of YR as a rock/blues cross]

10. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Parchman Time [first started appreciating the blues many years ago because of Mayall]

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