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Zman, good to hear from you!

Who'd have thought you'd have Grand Funk in your top groups ? ; )

Hey, I just watched a dvd the other night that you'd like. Its that
Bachman/Turner set from last year at the NYC Palladium (I think thats the

Excellent song selection, lots of old, bit of new.


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Hi Guys!! Interesting list. Jenny's got 6 in her Top 5 but who's counting
(guess I did, LOL). Clint's list look'sood to me too, but mine would be a
little different. I'm gonna go with the bands that I own the most Vinyl.
1. Grand Funk Railroad ( big surprise)
2. Deep Purple
3. BTO
4. The Doobie Brothers
5. The Beatles (Rubber Soul thru Let It Be)
Honuable mention...........too many to mention, LOL


--- In, "Cfh" <cfhiebert@...> wrote:
> From the Classic era:
> Alice Cooper
> Deep Purple
> The Who
> Bachman Turner Overdrive
> Jimi Hendrix
> Clint
> On Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:18:57 -0800 (PST), Jenny wrote:
> 1. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest (This includes solo stuff by Bruce
> Dickinson and Rob Halford as well as other bands like Fight and Glen
> Tipton solo projects)
> 2. Dio(includes solo projects, Rainbow)
> 3. Sammy Hagar(solo, VH,Chickenfoot)
> 4. Whitesnake
> 5. Deep Purple
> Jenny
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