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Hey Zapple, I'm hanging on to a lot of the stacks at this point. We've
recently changed houses, moved back into the city and part of that process
involved moving all that vinyl. Finding a place for it all was something
that I dithered and debated quite a lot. Do I keep it? Sell it? put it in my
will ; ) ?, etc.

Supposedly, I have a master plan to convert it all, then sell the less
sentimental stuff. Problem is, it's the sentimental stuff that I already
re-bought in cd form. So, here I sit with the Black Sabbath library on
vinyl, yet I also own the Black Box set from a few years ago, that has every
Ozzy era album in all its remastered glory. I doubt that I'll ever spin a
Sabbath vinyl again. Couple that with the fact that I could probably sell
them quite easily, considering that they are as popular as ever.
Same with Alice, Deep Purple, etc.

I can't sing, so what's a poor boy gonna do ; )

...I guess punting always an option

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I stil have some of my albums even though I don't have a turntable.
My favorite album cover is The Faces' "Ooh La La." You push down on the top
of the album and the mouth goes up and down and the eyes back and forth.

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> Interesting article by Henry Rollins, regarding record collectors. Cute.
> Â
> Â Limited-edition, colored vinyl, 7-inch single with a non-LP B-side?
> Wait, it gets better. The first of three singles all featuring the same
> A-side but different B-sides. Hold on -- the 12-inch version comes with a
> live track and a demo version of the A-side, but not the non-LP B-side
> that's on the 7-inch. To hear it all, you have to get all six releases. If
> you are someone burdened by a real life, all of this is boring and yet
> another example of the cruel and unusual machinations of predatory
> capitalism.You would think the fans would be angered by their favorite
> band taking advantage of their devotion by such wallet-thinning acts, but
> quite often the only complaints you hear are from those who didn't get
> theirs in time. You might think no one past the age of 17 could possibly
> lose sleep over this kind of thing, but that's where you'd be wrong.
> Collecting records is, for many, beyond a hobby. It is an obsession. Do
> this kind of thing in high school and you can play the youth card.
> Â
> Â Do it at 50 and you have some issues you really need to deal with...
> Â
> The rest is here
> Â
> Clint


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