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to me, a singer does not define a band. I'm happy with whoever they get, if it sounds good. It doesnt bother me at all when a band replaces a singer, unless that singer happened to be a main music writer (as in the case of Freddie Mercury)

From my music biz pals in Chicago, Dennis DeYoung is a jerk, and the guys in Styx are happier without him.

Journey, I never liked Steve Perrys lyrics anyway. I know they sold 10billion albums to women, and I do like Dont stop believin, but other than that, I liked them more before Perry showed up.

Just my opinions.

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I must tell you that I was reluctant to listen to the new Journey without Steve Perry, and the new Styx without Dennis DeYoung.  My boyfriend sent me some music last night with Arnel Pineda from Journey and Styx with their new lead singer.  I must tell you that I was blown away by how fabulous they were.  I should have known, as I'm a fan of older Van Halen opposed to the Roth era, and I still am to this day.  I'm very partial to the RedRocker Sammy Hagar.  Roth and Hagar debate I'm very vocal about, and it was even a deal breaker in my current relationship.  Granted I like Roth songs, just not him as a person.  I'll end my rant for the day.  :)

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