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I saw that tour. I had both their albums. Better than they got credit for. Without Hunter, the industry just wouldnt give them any push, and they were doomed.

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Subject: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Mott - Shouting and Pointing my new discovery of the day.
Plucked that one out of my stack of vinyl and ripped it. I learned that I did play it back in the day, because at least 3 songs were quite familiar. Other than that, I must say that this album is quite good.
Due to the familiar cut-out hole in the side, I would say that I bought it because it was a) somehow related to Mott the Hoople, and b) cheap in a cutout bin.
I used to cruise those bins religiously at the local woolworths, hell, .99 cents or maybe 1.99 for a new album was very tempting to a kid who only had x amount of money to spend each week. Found some treasures, and honestly found some tripe as well.
This one is a treasure, and much better than I recall.

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