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Blue Oyster Cult have at least three live albums. I saw the Some Enchanted Evening tour and a bunch of tours after that. The first Cult live album, On Your Feet or On Your Knees, was a fave of mine in my teen years. Some incredible playing on that, but the sound isnt great. Buck Dharma was quoted back then as saying, "we had more money a few years later thanks to a couple of big hits so we wanted to make a really good sounding live album to make up for the first one"

the last live album I heard from them was years later, Extraterrestial Live, I didnt like that anywhere near as much as the first two

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I have the original live record. Bought it next to new way back, and it is on my radar to rip to digital. Interesting that there is a double disc release. That would be cool to hear, since that live album I own probably clocks in somewhere around 35 minutes.
Typical of many live albums from that time, brutally edited from the original length. Honestly I don't mind the touch ups in the studio, if the length and context of the entire concert remains intact.
Lots of albums fit this bill. Blue Oyster Cult's Some Enchanted Evening comes to mind immediately.

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Another must have Mott album is "Live", which was recorded on their famous "Broadway tour" in NYC just after the release of "The Hoople". Its absolutely fabulous. I dont know how "clean" it is in terms of studio stuff afterwards, but its a great listen. Highly recommended. In the olde days it was a single vinyl release; these days its a double CD, with all the original tracks, PLUS lots of extra songs from the same concerts that didnt make it on the original version; plus a written introduction by Brian May (Queen opened for Mott on many of those concerts and May has often said it was truly a wild time)


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dabotcher said...

early BOC is the stuff of dreams. up until agents of fortune they´re just miles apart from everybody else. i grew to like extraterrestrial live too, there are some good renditions on there.

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