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According to, AEROSMITH singer Steven Tyler recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Erin Brady. Brady, 38, was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger during a Christmas vacation with Tyler in Hawaii and sources tell she's set to become the singer's third wife. Previously an accountant for Tyler on tour, Brady told Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview that although she bore witness to the worst of Steven's bad-boy behavior, she knew his ways could be reformed and she wanted to be the one to do it."I saw him, how he behaved… badly," she said, according to, telling Oprah she had to step up to the plate as the womanizing continued when their relationship became romantic. Her strategy was to "play" as he would when Tyler would stray, which he admits was a wake-up call and an instigator towards treating the women of his life with the respect they deserve."There was some behavior I am ashamed of and I shouldn't have done," Steven explained. When asked bluntly if he believed he could remain monogamous with Erin, Tyler confidently replied that he could. "I don't want to hurt anybody again," he said. "For all the divorces I've had I've hurt those girls deeply."Steven and Erin have been dating for five years, since Tyler divorced Teresa Barrick. He was also married to Cyrinda Foxe from 1978 to 1987.
DEEP PURPLE is featured in a new series of albums "featuring the greatest hits, signature tunes and fan favorites of the most popular artists in music history," which promise to offer "unprecedented value to consumers." The aptly named "Icon" series from Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) launched in August 31, 2010, with releases from 30 major artists spanning rock, pop, R&B and country. Each album, at a "great price," includes roughly a dozen hit tracks.Due on January 10, 2012, the DEEP PURPLE "Icon" compilation will feature the following songs:01. Smoke On The Water (live)02. Hush (live)03. Woman From Tokyo (live) 04. Knocking At Your Back Door 05. Call Of The Wild 06. Perfect Strangers 07. Bad Attitude 08. Nobody's Home 09. Black Night (live) 10. Child In Time (live) 11. Strange Kind Of Woman (live) Durung a recent interview with U.K.'s Express & Star, Gillan was asked when fans might be able to expect DEEP PURPLE's follow-up to 2005's "Rapture Of The Deep" album."The fact is that we've been touring flat out," said Gillan. "We did 48 countries last year. We're getting so much off on that we just don't feel the drive at the moment for writing."Gillan did reveal, though, that DEEP PURPLE convened for a mini writing session earlier in the year."We were in Spain for a little while and we had a week off," he said. "We spent most of the time in the bar, to be honest with you. It was a good session, but nothing absolutely dynamic came out of it."I think to get some progress as far as an album's concerned you've got to have a target, you've got to work to a date, and that gives you pressure. If you've got the pressure, you get stuff done. We don't have a plan, to be honest."Things have always been chaos, certainly since I joined, and we've never been able to plan anything. If we'd been able to make plans, we'd probably have retired by now!""People like to do stuff that they're good at, that they enjoy, that they get something out of. So while it's fun and we're all getting older and bits are dropping off here and there, it's still great. I think there probably will be another album."And because we're not doing an album (right now) doesn't mean I don't write every day. It's a day off today and for me it's a full day at the office. This morning is interviews and this afternoon I've got two or three interesting pieces I'm working on at the moment. I write every day and so when I do come round to making an album there's never a shortage of what I call colour material."DEEP PURPLE's 18th studio album, "Rapture of the Deep", was released in November 2005. It was the fourth studio CD from DEEP PURPLE since guitarist Steve Morse joined the band in 1994. It was also the second album to feature veteran keyboardist Don Airey. "Rapture of the Deep" was produced by Mike Bradford, who also worked on the band's previous release, 2003's "Bananas".
DEEP PURPLE singer Ian Gillan has narrated a Polish documentary on the life of Frédéric Chopin, a Polish composer, virtuoso pianist, and music teacher of French–Polish parentage. Produced by TV Project and directed by Jerzy Szkamruk, "Chopin's Story By Ian Gillan From Deep Purple" aired on the Polish channel Discovery Historia on June 21 and has won four international awards, including "Best Documentary" in Florianopolis, Brazil. "Chopin's Story By Ian Gillan From Deep Purple" clocks in at around 23 minutes, and is accompanied by a 10-minute bonus interview with Ian focusing on his involvement with the project. Official film description: "The movie is about the rise of extraordinary artistic genius of Frédéric Chopin and documents his Polish years. Ian Gillan, the singer of rock band DEEP PURPLE, takes you on the journey around Poland to show how his home country and the local people helped creating one of the most prominent artists in the history of music. The movie is contemporary take on how a piece of local culture morphed into beloved treasure of European heritage."For more information on how to obtain a DVD copy of "Chopin's Story By Ian Gillan From Deep Purple", go to this location. You can also visit the movie's official Facebook page.
As the band's induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next April draws closer, ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash has apparently been doing some soul-searching. In a new Esquire piece called "Slash: What I've Learned," the musician has made some interesting comments about his former band and his turbulent relationship with singer and sole remaining original GUNS member Axl Rose.According to The Pulse Of Radio, Slash said about the band, "When I see footage of GUNS N' ROSES, I see that fucking hunger and attitude. You could not fuck with those five guys. It was just raw. It was this lean, hungry thing on its way up. It was as sincere as any rock 'n' roll that I've ever heard, and I'm proud of that."As for Rose, Slash wrote, "The split between Axl and I was a quiet one. But because there was so much attention on the breakup — and are we going to get back together? — it got built up into this monster that led to a kind of animosity that wasn't the focus for me. Neither one of us wants to be down each other's throats for no reason. At this point, I'm trying to put it to rest."GUNS N' ROSES will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on April 14, along with the BEASTIE BOYS, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and others.The news has prompted speculation about whether the event could lead to a reunion of the band's original lineup.All the original members have been ambivalent about the chances of a reunion at the induction ceremony, although it's widely accepted that Rose is the lone holdout because of his ongoing feud with Slash.Yet the eccentric singer recently told the Los Angeles Times, "I've got mixed emotions about what the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame actually really is, but at the same time . . . I really don't want to spoil it for everybody else."
One of the most controversial and iconic rock bands, Guns N' Roses are taking the stage in Vegas for two incredible shows at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel on Dec. 30 – 31. The Vegas shows are part of GNR's first U.S. tour in five years.
The group formed during the peak of Los Angeles' famed Sunset Strip metal scene in the mid-1980s. Despite massive line-up changes and an extended absence from the music scene, GNR continues to be one of the most popular rock 'n' roll bands of the last 25 years. The current line-up consists of Axl Rose, DJ Ashba (guitar), Dizzy Reed (keyboards), Tommy Stinson (bass), Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (guitar), Chris Pitman (keyboards) and Frank Ferrer (drums).
GNR's most recent album, "Chinese Democracy," was released in 2008 after more than 10 years in the making. Although not a initial success in the United States, the album debuted at No. 1 in 13 countries. It was certified platinum in the United States in 2009.

Guns N' Roses had a chance to talk to Reed about GNR's upcoming show in Vegas and what it's like playing with one of rock's most notorious frontmen.
Rose invited Reed to join the group in 1990. After a rocky start, Reed soon became an accepted member of the band, playing on both Use Your Illusion I and II. He contributed to a majority of the songs on the album including "Dust N Bones," "Live and Let Die," "Novemeber Rain," "Garden of Eden," "Civil War" and "Yesterdays." Aside from Axl, he's the only remaining band member from the "Use Your Illusion" era.
Q. What can fans expect to hear from the group at your upcoming shows in Vegas?
"Lots of kick ass rock 'n' roll music from the past, the present and maybe even the future."
Are you guys planning on doing anything special for your New Year's Eve show?
"I would say drinking a lot, but since we have to perform, probably not as much as I would like to drink on New Year's Eve. We've played Vegas on New Year's a couple of times, and it's usually quite festive. So, I expect it to be equally as or more so this year."
Aside from Axl, you're the only remaining band member from the Use Your Illusion era. What was it like for you back in 1990 when you joined Guns N' Roses?
"It was kind of like my dreams came true, finally. Back then, myself and all the other musicians I knew, it's what we were trying to do. I knew the guys in Guns N' Roses from before they had their success and everything. When I got asked to join the band is was very gratifying and very cool. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane flying all over the world for the next three years playing huge rock concerts. It was pretty awesome."
Dizzy Reed has been performing with GNR since 1990.
Was it at all intimidating for you to start playing with probably the biggest group in the world at that time?
"Not really. I think when you make up your mind that you want to do this for a living, you can't be intimidated or you won't make it. I think maybe a couple of the guys in the band at the time, at first, didn't really agree with having a keyboard player, but I'm very, very determined. I think they saw that, and they saw that I could add a lot to the band. After a few shows everyone sort of realized it was going to be pretty cool having me around."
The band has obviously had a lot of line-up changes, but what's continued to inspire you to keep playing all these years?
"I think I'm just really determined. I just wanted to be in the band when 'Chinese Democracy' came out. I wanted to  start presenting it to everybody and play it live. Axl gave me a shot a long time ago, and I'm a loyal person."
Why was being a part of 'Chinese Democracy' important to you?
"I guess just a sense of fulfillment. I don't like to quit. If I'm part of something when it starts, I really like to see it through to the end."
How do you think the group's musical focus has changed over time?
"I think if anything, it's expanded like every band needs to do at some point. You can only beat the same three chords the same way so many times before people just go, 'whatever'… Eventually, you have to expand your horizons, which I think had a lot to do with why I joined the band in the first place."
GNR has so many hit songs. What do you think it is about your music that continues to resonate with fans today?
"I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it's real music. It's not contrived. It's real rock 'n' roll."  
How has performing those songs changed for you over the years or has it changed?
"It's definitely different. It has to be. You can't play the same way over and over again. When new guys come in the band I always try to tell them or we always try to tell each other, we can make this more of our own even if it's just flip the beat around a little bit here or there, anything just to make it fresh and keep it fun and cool."
There's still a lot of controversy surrounding the group and Axl. What do you want fans to know about the band and your music?
"If you get to know us, we're a bunch of funny mother f****** man. That's what I always want people to know. It's hard when you sing songs that sound serious. We can have intellectual discussions about music and politics and we do occasionally, but we have a good time. We laugh our asses off at a lot of stuff."
According to the usually reliable VAN HALEN fan site Van Halen News Desk, VAN HALEN will announce the first details of its upcoming tour on January 3, with tickets set to go on sale a week later. The band's much-anticipated new album — which will be the band's first with original singer David Lee Roth in 28 years — will arrive on February 7, with the first single and video set to premiere on January 10.The November 14 shoot was reportedly for a video for the song that the band is seen but not heard playing in the tour announcement clip.VAN HALEN's new record deal with Interscope was finalized last month and marks the first time the band has recorded away from Warner Bros. Records, which signed the group in 1977.ALTER BRIDGE guitarist Mark Tremonti recently said in an interview that he had gotten an opportunity to hear new VAN HALEN music through his friendship with bassist Wolfgang Van Halen (guitarist Eddie Van Halen's son), saying it sounded like "vintage VAN HALEN." Producer Ross Hogarth spoke with about the work he did on the project, saying, "The whole VAN HALEN record has been recorded and we're all excited. I'm really stoked about it, as it is the original band, Eddie and Alex with Wolf playing bass, and David Lee Roth singing, it's the killing side of VAN HALEN at the top of their game again with Diamond Dave, and the band on fire."VAN HALEN reunited with Roth in 2007 for a successful year-long reunion tour — minus original bassist Michael Anthony, who now plays with ex-VAN HALEN singer Sammy Hagar in CHICKENFOOT.
QUEENSRŸCHE's classic first full-length album, "The Warning", which was originally released on September 7, 1984, will be reissued on limited-edition 180-gram audiophile vinyl with a gatefold cover on February 14, 2012. You can now pre-order the item at"The Warning" was re-released on May 6, 2003 with three bonus tracks.When asked about QUEENSRŸCHE's plans following the band's last scheduled concert of 2012, which will take place on January 13 at the Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover, Nevada, singer Geoff Tate told the Seattle station KISW 99.9 FM earlier this month, "Nothing. We're taking a year off and we'll be working on a new album. [We'll be going] back to the studio."QUEENSRŸCHE's latest album, "Dedicated To Chaos", sold 8,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 70 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, the epic concept album "American Soldier", opened with 21,000 units back in April 2009 to enter the chart at No. 25. This was roughly half the first-week tally registered by QUEENSRŸCHE's "Operation: Mindcrime II" album, which shifted 44,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release back in April 2006 to debut at No. 14 on The Billboard 200 chart. QUEENSRŸCHE's 2003 effort, "Tribe", sold 20,000 copies in the first week while 1999's "Q2K", opened with sales of 28,000.QUEENSRŸCHE's top-selling album by far is 1990's "Empire", which was certified triple-platinum in October 1994 for sales in excess of three million copies in the United States. The original "Operation: Mindcrime" release (1988) attained platinum status in August 1991, while 1994's "Promised Land" reached the same plateau in December 1994.
The debut album from TOOTH AND NAIL, the new project featuring current and former members of DOKKENGeorge Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass), and Mick Brown (drums), is tentatively due in March 2012. The CD will feature new original material as well as reworked versions of around five or six DOKKEN classics. Pilson has just contributed vocals to a new track title "When Eagles Die", with additional lead vocal duties on the CD having handled by former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach (on DOKKEN's "Alone Again"), Doug Pinnick (KING'S X), Tim "Ripper" Owens (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH, DIO DISCIPLES on a killer new version of DOKKEN's "Kiss Of Death" in what is described as a Ronnie James Dio-inspired performance) and Mick Brown (on DOKKEN's "When Heaven Comes Down"). The drum tracks on the new, original compositions will be taken care of by Brian Tichy (WHITESNAKE, FOREIGNER).Regarding how TOOTH AND NAIL came together, Pilson said in an August 2011 interview, "The DOKKEN [original lineup] reunion has been scrapped, and I take a lot of the initial responsibility for that because of my schedule and commitment to FOREIGNER. I was, however, upfront about that from Day One. We did talk, though, and I think we all thought it was going to happen somehow at some time. Then Don [Dokken, vocals] and George got in some nasty e-mail fights, which I'm not really in a position to evaluate but they did get ugly and seem to put an end to further reunion thoughts. The two of them had their own business outside of the pending reunion and something just went south. For whatever reason, it was time to move on. Then George asked me about working with him on the next LYNCH MOB record — and I jumped at the chance. He and I started writing, got into a groove and wrote an album's worth of stuff, all with the intention of Oni [Logan, LYNCH MOB singer] writing lyrics and it being their next record. Brian Tichy laid down some incredible drums at his studio (and co-wrote some music on one track) and we had an incredibly strong start. Then Oni just wasn't feeling the music as being LYNCH MOB, so it was shelved. We figured it'd be the start of another LYNCH/PILSON record some day. Then, actually, it was Brian who had the idea that Mick, George and I should do a band, similar to what HEAVEN & HELL was to BLACK SABBATH, and call it TOOTH AND NAIL. Because of everything else we have going, it'll be just a recording project at first, but sure sounds fun. We'd record the classics keeping true to the originals but make them fresh and organic. Then the idea of doing new songs came up, and it grew from there.He added, "I have absolute belief that the music George and I make together (along with Brian Tichy in this case) is real and inspired, and that's what it's really all about. So out of a mess of a reunion attempt, I think we'll end up with a really fabulous record, and what could be better than that?"When asked if TOOTH AND NAIL is basically DOKKEN without Don, Pilson said, "Don is, and will always be, the singer of DOKKEN and an invaluable part of the DOKKEN chemistry. No one ever wants to take that away or dispute it one iota. But the three of us do have time tested amazing chemistry, and because we were writers on these songs, I feel we have a lot to express. If anything I think this will be a show of respect for Don, not some kind of competition. I only hope people enjoy it in the spirit for which it's intended . . . Don't think of this as DOKKEN without Don... that's misleading. Think of it as a band with great chemistry coming up with new music that excites them, and also paying tribute to DOKKEN — music which the members all are heavily invested in emotionally." TOOTH AND NAIL recently took part in a photo session with acclaimed photographer Alex Solca. Those pictures, along with an official press release announcing the project, are expected to be made available in the next couple of weeks.For more information, visit TOOTH AND NAIL's official Facebook page.
Former IRON MAIDEN and current WOLFSBANE singer Blaze Bayley has commenced work on his new solo album, "The King Of Metal", for a tentative March 2012 release. A European headlining tour in support of the CD will kick off in early March in Belgium.Commented Blaze: "Over the many years I have been a professional singer, and through my ups and downs, I have noticed how some artists and bands take their success and their fans for granted. "For me, there is no heavy metal without heavy metal fans. "I am dedicating the new album and tour to my fans and the fans of heavy metal. It is called 'The King Of Metal' because you the fans are the real kings of metal. Each one of you that buys albums and merchandise and tickets to gigs is a king of metal to me."Blaze earlier in the year parted ways with the rest of his band in order to pursue a career as a solo artist and the lead singer of WOLFSBANE. He explained the decision by saying that "the mental, financial and emotional strain of keeping the BLAZE BAYLEY band together has proven to be too much for me and has taken a terrible toll on my mental health. . . It has been an upsetting, frustrating and sad time because the BLAZE BAYLEY band will not be going on any more, but it is also for me a huge relief and a time to look forward."
After more than two decades as one of the premier exponents of doom metal, England's Cathedral will soon call it a day – albeit not quite in the fashion they expected. Rather than playing their farewell show in their homeland as initially planned, the quartet will play their last ever gig in a place they've only visited once previously – Perth – as part of the Soundwave Festival.

"We only played Perth once, in '95 with Paradise Lost," vocalist Lee Dorrian recalls. "It was quite a strange show. It was kind of on a beach, with hardly any people there," he laughs. "It won't be like that again as it's part of the festival, but if it was, it'd be weird. But we've seen weirder," he adds with another laugh.

Dorrian says it will likely be a bittersweet experience to come to Australia again and also leave the stage for the final time while here.

"Australia's one place we've had such a great time the few times we've gone there, it's a more laid-back atmosphere, a great place to socialise, meet people and talk about music. But it had been such a long time it seemed like it would never happen again. The London show was officially meant to be our last show. But at the 11th hour, we were offered these shows by the promoter AJ (Maddah). We were supposed to do the Soundwave (Revolution) that got cancelled and the farewell show in London a few weeks ago was supposed to be our last show. Knowing that made the London show a bit easier to bear; knowing that we had a couple more shows, it did make it a little bit easier."

Instead, the band will return to our shores for the first time in more than a decade for Soundwave 2012. As for the Australian shows themselves (Dorrian reveals there are a few side shows in the works, but can't confirm any details), fans can expect a little bit of everything.

"It's hard to say as we don't know how long we have for a set," he says. "But I guess we'll play a bit of everything; we have nine albums and a lot of EPs, so we have quite a lot of places to take material from. We'll play stuff from the first album, the last album, and everything in between. I don't like to use the term 'greatest hits', because it's not like that at all, but plenty of different stuff with a few rarities as well."

The Australian gigs aside, Cathedral's final act will also include the release of their studio swansong, The Last Spire. Unlike its predecessor, 2010's mammoth The Guessing Game, the band will be even more involved with the project to ensure their final musical statement leaves as sizeable an impact as possible.

"We're planning to begin recording in April," Dorrian explains. "We want it out next year, because as of next year the band will be no more. We're working on material at the moment. When we get back from Australia we'll have a good, solid month to fine-tune the songs. We'll hopefully have it released in September/October of 2012. I'm going to see our artist Dave Patchett this weekend - he does all our album covers – and just sit with him and go through all of the concepts for the album cover."

Where does he envision their last recording heading stylistically?

"Musically, I would say The Guessing Game was more of a summarisation of everything we had done. The Last Spire is more like our final stamp really. I think it'll be a lot heavier and more doom-influenced than anything else we've done in recent years. But there will also be keyboards, and hopefully it'll be a really progressive doom record. I don't want to give away too much, but it'll probably be a little heavier. We'll be much more hands-on with the production. This is our last one, so we want to go out with a bang and pretty much do it ourselves because we can.

"The last two albums (with producer Warren Riker) turned out great. We've had producers in the past, (where) we would have some out there ideas, and some producers would just shrug their shoulders or laugh. Warren was great, (but) we want to make the last statement ourselves, like we did with the first album. A lot of people thought we were crazy to make an album like (1991's) Forest of Equilibrium. People asked us what we were doing. It was going against the grain of what was going on at the time. So we'll finish the way we started."

In many ways, "going against the grain" largely defines the band's illustrious and highly influential career.

"We've just followed our instincts all these years. We've always been our own thing. A lot of bands follow trends or just aim to be popular at a certain time, and we've never set out to do that. We haven't made things easy for ourselves over the years; we've never paid consideration to what's around us. So if that's going against the grain, then we have."

Post-Cathedral, Dorrian has no definite plans, but his long-running label Rise Above Records will feature prominently in the future.

"I've done that for more than 20 years now," he says. "It's a full-time job really. I will be able to dedicate a lot more time to that, which I want to do." And while the major labels continue to bemoan the current state of the music industry, Rise Above is reaching new heights of success, of which Dorrian is understandably proud. "I think it's the big labels suffering as it's the big labels that created the problem. We go from strength to strength; we don't sell millions of records, but we're still here. It's a testament to all the vultures and vampires in the industry that have killed it. People have been short sold I think… I think people see in Rise Above that you can discover things yourself, without just being told about it by the hype of the (mainstream) media.

"We do this out of love for the music and I think people are slowly coming around to that. We try to make our releases, things like our vinyl releases special. I've been collecting records since I was eight or nine and I always like to put myself on the other side of the fence. I think about how as a fan myself, how I would like it to be presented. I spend a lot of time thinking about that. If Rise Above wasn't the label I started, I would be a fan of it myself," he adds with a laugh.

The veteran frontman has a few more choice words for those responsible for the wider music industry's free-fall.

"Despite all the chaos in the industry and people saying downloading is killing the industry bigger labels should have given greater thought to their audience. It's just the way you control it really. There's pros and cons to downloading. People who like labels like Rise Above want to have an artefact, a physical copy from the label in their hands. We have a steady audience around the world who buys our records; in the past few years, we've sold the most records we ever have.

"If you're a commercial label, your audience doesn't really care about things like production or artwork. There's not much dedication from the label or the audience. If it's presented in a way that's a lot more sincere, I think people respond to it. The No.1 album in the charts that week, you can buy that in the supermarket along with your toilet roll. To buy our releases, you have to go out of your way to find out about it and find out how to buy it."

As for any future musical endeavours, Dorrian has nothing planned - but isn't ruling out the possibility of new ventures.

"Any new musical projects will be spontaneous," he emphasises. "Once Cathedral is finally over, I want to sit down and spend a few months to a year, reflecting on what the band's done. When you're doing it, you're always so busy; you're always having to think about the next thing you're doing. So it will be good to do that."

Soundwave Festival 2012 dates-
Saturday 25 February – RNA Showground, Brisbane- SOLD OUT
Sunday 26 February – Olympic Park, Sydney- SELLING FAST
Friday 2 March – Showgrounds, Melbourne- SOLD OUT
Saturday 3 March – Bonython Park, Adelaide
Monday 5 March - Claremont Showgrounds, Perth
Guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy of Florida metallers TRIVIUM has tweeted a note thanking the "state of the record industry" for what he called a "massive royalty check" he recently received in the amount of $1.31. Heafy also included a photo of the check in question (see below), which was cut last month.TRIVIUM's latest album, "In Waves", sold 22,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 13 on The Billboard 200 chart — the highest U.S. chart entry of the band's career. The group's previous CD, "Shogun", opened with just under 24,000 units back in October 2008 to debut at No. 23. The effort followed up "The Crusade", which registered a first-week tally of 31,000 copies in October 2006 to enter the chart at No. 25.
Former EXODUS guitarist Rick Hunolt will reportedly play two songs with the band PAIN CLINIC on January 8, 2012 at the Thrashocalypse festival at the Workshop in Ceres, California (near Modesto).According to a press release, "PAIN CLINIC's manager Larry Rinetti offered Rick the gig and after many texts and phone calls... he said yes! He will cover one EXODUS song and one PAIN CLINIC track... The only way to know what songs that will be played is to go to the show!"Hunolt, who left EXODUS in 2005 in order to focus on his family life, rejoined his former bandmates at a special concert in celebration of EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt and Lisa Perticone's wedding on September 24 at Avalon in Santa Clara, California.Thrashocalypse festival running order:Saturday, January 7 (gates open 12:00 noon)02:00-02:30 ATTACKACARDIA02:45-03:15 STAINLESS BARREL03:30-04:15 SKRY04:30-05:00 WEST COAST FURY05:15-05:45 LEVEE06:00-06:30 DECOMPOSITION06:45-07:15 BEERIJUANA07:30-08:00 CURSED08:15-08:45 CONTRAST THE WATER09:00-09:30 EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT10:00-10:30 BETTER LEFT UNSAIDSunday, January 8 (gates open 12:00 noon)01:00-01:30 NECROSIN01:45-02:15 DNC02:30-03:00 APOTHESARY03:15-03:45 GENGHIS KHAN04:00-04:30 THIS TIMES BRUTAL04:45-05:15 BLESSED CURSE05:30-06:00 FOREVER OBSCURED06:15-06:45 PAIN CLINIC (with special guest Rick Hunolt)07:15-07:45 NOTHING BUT LOSERS08:00-08:30 HATCHET08:45-09:15 WITCHAVEN / EXMORTUS09:30-10:00 BONDED BY BLOOD10:15-11:00 WARBRINGER
The "Always…"-era (1992) lineup of the Dutch rock outfit THE GATHERING has announced plans to make several festival appearances next summer following its 20th-anniversary celebration concert in April. The first confirmed festival performance will take place at the 2012 edition of the Dokk'em Open Air festival, which is scheduled for June 29-30 at Spriens Raard in Dokkum, Netherlands.Regarding their decision to recurrect the "Always…" lineup of THE GATHERING, the group previously said, "After years we (THE GATHERING) came in contact again, thanks to Facebook, with the nice people from ACROSTICHON (Corinne and Richard). Of course, we talked a lot about the good old days, especially the ones we had at the Willem II concert hall in Den Bosch. There was a matinee gig every month (I think it was every last Sunday), and we saw some great bands such as CANDLEMASS, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH, and, of course, we played there as well. Those days were so much fun. We had a great nostalgic trip talking about those days. Soon we came to the conclusion we would love to do this again! "As you might know, our debut album, 'Always…', is almost 20 years old (April 1992). I contacted all old-school THE GATHERING 'Always…'-era members and everybody immediatly liked the idea to do something together. An old-school doom/death party! ACROSTICHON released their debut album, 'Engraved In Black', almost the same period, and our friends from PENTACLE released their debut demo, 'Caressed By Both Sides', as well 20 years ago. Why not celebrate this?"So, grab your agenda: THE GATHERING, ACROSTICHON and PENTACLE will play live together at the Willem II (now called W2) Sunday afternoon 1st of April (no joke!), 2012! Like 20 years ago, ACROSTICHON will be headlining, THE GATHERING and PENTACLE will be support acts."Last, but definitly not least: All profit will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation."THE GATHERING's latest album, "The West Pole", was released in North America on June 2, 2009 via Season of Mist. The CD was issued in most of Europe on May 4, 2009 via the group's own label, Psychonaut Records."The West Pole" marks the recording debut of new THE GATHERING singer Silje Wergeland, who was previously in the Norwegian band OCTAVIA SPERATI. It also includes two very talented guest vocalists, Anne van den Hoogen and Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION), along with other guest musicians.
Emil Werstler (DAATH) will handle the guitar duties for CHIMAIRA in 2012. Werstler (pictured below), who has spent the last few months playing bass for CHIMAIRA, will switch back to his original instrument following the recent announcement that guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries will be leaving the band at the end of 2011. Commented CHIMAIRA: "Fans already know Emil from the 'Coming Alive' DVD, the insane guitar solo at the end of 'Samsara', and most recently on stage playing bass for 'The Age Of Hell' tour. For those that don't know, time to get familiarized. Listed as one of modern metal's most important guitar players, Mr. Emil Werstler."Although there has been no official announcement yet, it is rumored that second-guitar duties on CHIMAIRA's 2012 tour will be handled by Matt Szlachta of DIRGE WITHIN while the bass will be played by Jeremy Creamer of DAATH.CHIMAIRA earlier in the week released a free digital EP, "The Age Of Remix Hell", via The track listing for the effort — which, as the title suggests, contains remixed versions of songs from CHIMAIRA's latest album, "The Age Of Hell" — is as follows:01. Year Of The Snake (Dubba Jonny Mix)02. Clockwork (Hunter Mix)03. Year Of The Snake (Allinaline Mix)04. Losing My Mind (Allinaline Mix)"The Age Of Hell" sold more than 7,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 54 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "The Infection", opened with 15,000 units back in April 2009 to land at No. 30. This figure was roughly in line with the first-week tally registered by CHIMAIRA's 2007 album, "Resurrection", which shifted 16,000 copies to enter the chart at No. 42."The Age Of Hell" was released in the U.S. on August 16 via eOne Music; in Germany on August 26; and in the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of Europe on August 29 through Long Branch Records.
MINISTRY, LACUNA COIL, LINKIN PARK and EVANESCENCE are among the featured artists on the forthcoming soundtrack to the film "Underworld: Awakening". Due on January 17 through Lakeshore Records, the collection will feature the following track listing:01. EVANESCENCE - "Made Of Stone" (Renholdër Remix)02. LACEY STURM (FLYLEAF) - "Heavy Prey" (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo)03. LINKIN PARK - "Blackout" (Renholdër Remix)04. THE CURE - "Apart" (Renholdër Remix)05. STELLA KATSOUDAS (SISTER SOLEIL) - "Killer & A Queen" (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo)06. MINISTRY - "Watch Yourself" (Renholdër Remix)07. LACUNA COIL - "Trip The Darkness" (Ben Weinman Remix)08. THE NAKED AND FAMOUS - "Young Blood" (Renholdër Remix)09. BLACK LIGHT BURNS - "It Rapes All In Its Path"10. WILLIAM CONTROL - "The Posthumous Letter"11. CIVIL TWILIGHT - "How'm I Supposed To Die"12. & SONS - "Consolation Prize"13. 8MM - "Liar" (Revenant mix by 8mm)14. RYAN T.HOPE (THE LIFELINE) - "You Won't See The Light (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo)15. COMBICHRIST - "Bottle Of Pain"16. COLLIDE - "Intruder"17. JUSTIN LASSEN - "Exit Wounds" (Justin Lassen Remix) (feat. Silent Fury)"Underworld: Awakening", directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein, brings a stunning new dimension to the epic battle between Vampires and Lycans, as the first film in the franchise to shoot in 3D.Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species."Underworld: Awakening" will be released to theaters on January 20, 2012.
As musical mastermind behind the controversial early '90s band GREEN JELLY, guitarist/producer CJ Buscaglia crafted the slimy rock grooves on their million-selling album "Cereal Killer". Fans of their Grammy-nominated follow-up "333" know the self-proclaimed "world's worst band" was actually pretty good, powered by Buscaglia's crosshatched guitars and classic-sounding thrust.Long past the costumed juvenalia and parodistic riffs of his old band, CJ's own music cuts deeper. There is sincerity in the swagger of his new album, "Green Jello On My Face Again". Sleazy glam rock moves cohabit with funky gestures and psychedelic moments on songs both dark and vulnerable, with Buscaglia's voice a raw strand of texture tying it all together. With celebrity cameos including a phone message from Iggy Pop and musical testimony from Jack Black, "Green Jello On My Face Again" is a bonafide modern rock performance that's messy like JELLY, yet mystic in its own humbucking way. It should be appreciated by aficionados of all things rock and roll.
Hammerheart Records has announced the signing of the Dutch sludge metal band FEHLER. The band's new album, "Dissona", will be released in the spring. The CD will feature cover artwork by Comaworx (DEATHSPELL OMEGA, URFAUST, PORTAL, NECROPHAGIA).FEHLER is a four-piece outfit from the southern part of the Netherlands featuring guitarist Twan van Geel (LEGION OF THE DAMNED). Influenced by heavyweight bands such as CROWBAR, TORCHE, MASTODON and HIGH ON FIRE, FEHLER produces "a dark blend of groundshaking riffs, heavy rhythms and melodic, dissonant atmospheres with songs ranging from short and aggressive outbursts to sound-layered epics," according to a press relase.Commented Guido Heijnens, A&R manager at Hammerheart: "From the first moment I heard an unmixed version of 'Dissona', I knew this was a killer release. And after talking to the guys from FEHLER, I was convinced they would work hard to get their name out there. One thing is sure, though, the band's name — which is German for 'mistake' — is opposite to the feeling you get after hearing this monster of an album!!!"
TO-MERA — the U.K.-based dark progressive metal band fronted by former WITHOUT FACE vocalist Julie Kiss — will enter Hardbeat Studios (HAKEN, LINEAR SPHERE) in Wembley in late January with producer John Papas to begin laying down the drums for the group's upcoming third album. The majority of the new CD recording sessions will take place at guitarist Tom MacLean's recently built home studio.TO-MERA's "Earthbound" EP was released in October 2009.The band parted ways with Candlelight Records after releasing two albums through the label — 2006's "Transcendental" and 2008's "Delusions".TO-MERA is:Julie Kiss - VocalsTom MacLean - GuitarsPaul Westwood - DrumsRichard Henshall - KeysMark Harrington - Bass
BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR, the Cleveland, Ohio-based rock band featuring guitarist Ken Obloy (RIKETS), vocalist Jonny Sayre (ERASE THE GREY), bassist Kenny Irizarry (GATLIN), guitarist Jeff Butchko (ERASE THE GREY) and drummer Holly Manning (REBEL GIRL), has inked a deal with Radium Records. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on its full-length debut, "Whiskey Weekend", with producer Ben Schigel (CHIMAIRA, STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, EVANESCENCE, DROWNING POOL) at Spider Studios. A January release is planned, with a record-launch party scheduled on January 21 at Peabody's in Cleveland. According to BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR's official bio, the band's goal is "a simple one: to help put the 'roll' back in rock 'n' roll. . . High-energy performances, well-crafted anthems and an insatiable appetite for ruling the airwaves make BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR a must-see, must-hear culmination of euphonious excellence. With a full-length record, series of music videos and a summer tour in the works, BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR are a kinetic ball of symphonious fury, kicking ass and taking names the entire time. If it's a party you want, then you won't want to miss a second of the BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR journey."For more infomation, visit
RASKASTA JOULUA, the Christmas project featuring several well-known Finnish hard rock and heavy metal musicians, has released a new EP called "Jouluksi Kotiin". It includes one new studio recording, of the EP's title track, with Tony Kakko (SONATA ARCTICA, NORTHERN KINGS) on vocals and four live versions of previously released songs from the group. "Jouluksi Kotiin" track listing:01. Jouluksi Kotiin (feat. Tony Kakko)02. Ensimmäinen Joulu (feat. Marco Hietala) (live)03. Tähti Tähdistä Kirkkain (feat. Antony Parviainen) (live)04. Ilouutinen (feat. J. Ahola) (live)05. Sylvian Joululaulu (feat. Ari Koivunen) (live)
MUREAU, the Southern California "heavy/melodic/groove/djent" band featuring drummer Ian Corabi — the son of John Corabi, a powerhouse vocalist who fronted MÖTLEY CRÜE, UNION and THE SCREAM — will support SILENT CIVILIAN on a U.S. tour beginning on January 6 in Salt Lake City, Utah.In a post on his Facebook page, John writes, "Can't say it enough... I'm very proud of my son Ian and his entire band! Going on tour in January gang... Love ya'll (proud dad)."
Oakland, California-based extreme metallers ALL SHALL PERISH have canceled their participation in the upcoming "Get Infected" European tour for "personal reasons." Their replacement on the trek, which is scheduled to kick off in early February, is the Los Angeles metal band WINDS OF PLAGUE."Get Infected" tour 2012 revised lineup:CALIBAN
ALL SHALL PERISH's fourth full-length album, "This Is Where It Ends", sold around 8,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 50 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Awaken The Dreamers", opened with 5,000 copies back in 2008 to land at No. 126."This Is Where It Ends" was released on July 26 in North America and on July 29 in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. The majority of the effort was recorded and mixed once again at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland with producer Zack Ohren (LIGHT THIS CITY, DECREPIT BIRTH, SUFFOCATION).
Tommy Rehn (CORRODED, MOAHNI MOAHNA), a co-founding member of the British/Swedish metal project ANGTORIA, has released the following statement regarding the recent announcement that ANGTORIA would return in 2012 with a new name and a brand new album:"When reading the news all over Internet about 'ANGTORIA's return,' I felt like stating a few things for the record."I was one of the founders of ANGTORIA and co-writer/producer of the ANGTORIA songs, including the video track 'God Has A Plan For Us All'. I also was responsible for recording and mixing the album. This was a project between me and my brother Chris (ABYSSOS) and Sarah Jezebel Deva (CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, MORTIIS). Me and Chris wrote the songs and worked with the orchestrations and Sarah did the lyrics."Musically, me and Chris built the ANGTORIA sound and maybe in the future we can do it again under that name."ANGTORIA did not do any live shows in 2006-2007 as planned due to things out of my and Chris' control. We then saw no other way than putting the project on hold."The name ANGTORIA comes from a song I wrote for symphonic hard rock band MOAHNI MOAHNA's album 'Why' (with Henrik Flyman of EVIL MASQUERADE)."MOAHNI MOAHNA is my old band which released two albums in the '90s in Europe and Japan (JVC Victor)."On January 20, 2012 Pantherfarm/Ninetone will re-release all MOAHNI MOAHNA recordings ww on Spotify/iTunes and all other digital markets."Since Sarah and Chris want to start a project of their own, it is just that… a new project, which never can be or sound like ANGTORIA without my participation."I wish them luck with their future album and with branding their own name."I am now permanent member in CORRODED and will focus on our third album, which will be released worldwide summer 2012 following the success with'The Age Of Rage' song for Battlefield Play 4 Free. Touring in Europe and U.S. is on the planning stage for 2012."Sarah Jezebel Deva and Chris Rehn announced on December 25 that they will begin work on a new album in January which will pick up where ANGTORIA's last collaborative effort, ANGTORIA, left off five years ago. According to Sarah, "the music will continue in the same vein as [ANGTORIA's 2006] debut album, 'God Has A Plan For Us All', blending the world of epic orchestral music with metal.""God Has A Plan For Us All" was released in Europe in April 2006 via Listenable Records. The CD was issued in North America in October of that same year.
Several photos of the new lineup of the legendary Swedish death metal band GRAVE have can be seen below.GRAVE is: Ola Lindgren - Guitar/VocalsMika Lagrén - GuitarRonnie Bergerstål - DrumsTobias Cristiansson – BassGRAVE recently parted ways with guitarist Magnus Martinsson. According to the group, Magnus — who has played with GRAVE since 2008 — and his now-former bandmates made "this joint decision after going through plans for next year and we needed to address this within the band before we start the new album process. There aren't now, and have never been, any hard feelings between us and we wish him the best in any future endeavors."As previously reported, GRAVE has set "Endless Procession Of Souls" as the working title of its new album, tentatively due in early 2012. According to a posting on the band's Facebook page, five songs have thus far been completed for the next CD, which will be released via Century Media Records.GRAVE's November 12 concert at Club Distortion/Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden was filmed for future release. The band celebrated the 20th anniversary of its classic 1991 debut album, "Into The Grave", by performing the LP in its entirety, along with "another handful classic tunes." Support at the show came from VICIOUS ART and GENERAL SURGERY.GRAVE in September completed a North American headlining tour with support from BLOOD RED THRONE, PATHOLOGY and GIGAN. GRAVE's latest album, "Burial Ground", was released on June 14, 2010 via Regain Records. The CD's cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13 Media.
Former DEVOLVED bassist Hal Berkstresser has released the following statement:"Following producing 'Oblivion', a record I love and am proud to have worked so heavily on, I have decided to end my involvement with DEVOLVED. I had hoped to evolve the material and continue working with drummer John Sankey, but consideration for me and my input vanished long ago and I have to move onward. I feel honored to have worked with Brett Noordin and Kyle Zemanek during my time with the band.....but please, keep an ear out for DRONIKA in early 2012, featuring myself and ex-ANKLA singer Eddie Macias. We will hopefully deliver you all some great songs, killer live drums and what is turning out to be a great sounding debut record."DEVOLVED recently released a demo version of a new song called "Collateral Damage". The track will be featured on the band's next album, to be released in 2012. All music was written and performed by John Sankey and Mark Hawkins, with lyrics and arrangement by John Sankey. The vocals were performed by DEVOLVED's new lead singer, Mark Haggblad (UNVEIL THE STRENGTH), following the recent departure of Kyle Zemanek (DEADSETT). DEVOLVED's latest album, "Oblivion", was released on May 24 via Unique Leader Records.
According to the Asbury Park Press, Jeffrey Goho of the Philadelphia-area metal band MINUTIA claims to have started the Jon Bon Jovi death hoax because he felt the singer's non-musical pursuits were taking time way from the things that really mattered. Goho posted a fake press release on a WordPress blogging site stating that Jon Bon Jovi had died after he was found in a coma in an Asbury Park hotel on December 19. "I'm in a band as well, and I was going into the recording studio, and we had talked about how the music industry just started taking a turn into crazy new worlds that no one, really, can assess," said Goho. "Long story short, I was talking to my band members on their down time, and we got so worked up in the conversation, I just kind of took the liberty and started (the rumor), because I was so irritated."All I heard was 'Bon Jovi this,' 'Bon Jovi's starting a restaurant.' What was the latest one? The Advil commercial (featuring Bon Jovi)? It was like, 'Jeez, (Bon Jovi) was a household name due to the music, not the business.' So I'm not proud of it. I'm getting a lot of backlash from it, but as stupid as it sounds, that's how it started. I just had a blurb and went with it."According to Goho, his e-mail account was spammed following the hoax. "Please stop sending attached hate mail to my fellow band members," Goho posted on his Facebook page. "They are in no way involved."
DEDVOLT, the new San Francisco Bay Area rock/metal band featuring SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel on guitar, played its first show on December 10, 2011 at the Mutiny M.F.B. in Antioch, California. Video footage of the performance can be seen below.DEDVOLT is currently recording a five-song EP for an early 2012 release. Commented Esquivel: "[I'm] really excited about this band. [It's] in the vein of [Steev's previous group] RE:IGNITION — just a little more metal... more distortion and heavy as hell!"DEDVOLT is:Brian Giguere - VocalsSteev Esquivel - GuitarCarlos Barrientos - GuitarJohn Riggs - DrumsSlim Vengince – BassFor more information, visit DEDVOLT's Facebook pageFacebook page.
Norwegian death metallers BLOOD RED THRONE have parted ways with vocalist Osvald "Vald" Egeland and bassist Erlend Caspersen and have replaced them with Yngve Bolt Christiansen (GODDAMN) and Ole Bent Madsen (HORIZON ABLAZE), respectively.BLOOD RED THRONE's sixth album, "Brutalitarian Regime", was released in August via Sevared Records.
A formal funeral service for David Gold — a founding member of the Ontario, Canada-based black and doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES — will be held on Wednesday, December 28 at Northwood Funeral Home, located at 942 Great Northern Road. Visitation will be from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., with service to follow. A party will follow starting at 6:00 p.m. at a location to be announced.David was killed last Wednesday afternoon (December 21) in a car accident near Barrie, Ontario. He was 31 years old.According to Ontario Provincial Police, the accident — which involved a vehicle and a pedestrian — occurred at 1:30 p.m. on Highway 400 north of Highway 89. The police shut down the northbound lanes at Highway 89 and traffic was diverted from the scene as OPP highway safety investigators collected evidence.The cause of the collision remains under investigation.The accident occurred just hours after Gold texted his mother in Sault Ste. Marie that he was on his way home, according to were no other injuries.WOODS OF YPRES' new album, "Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light", will be released in 2012 via Earache Records. The CD was recorded with producer Siegfried Meier (KITTIE) at Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada, and was mixed by John Fryer (NINE INCH NAILS, PARADISE LOST). Earache Records set up a memorial page on its web site after learning of Gold's death.Formed in 2002, WOODS OF YPRES has earned critical acclaim for its ever-evolving, envelope-pushing mix of blackened doom metal. Most often compared to bands such as AGALLOCH and TYPE O NEGATIVE, WOODS OF YPRES toes a thin line between the catchy, the artistic and the extreme to create an unmistakable signature sound.
Obscura is often called a technical death metal band, but they really appear to be a progressive metal band at heart. Extreme and complex music, with intelligent themes in their lyrics, the band does not disappoint those who want to be challenged by the music they listen to.
Founded by guitarist/vocalist Steffen Kummerer in 2002, Obscura has had many lineup changes in a very short period of time — the latest is the addition of bassist Linus Klausenitzer  — but Kummerer emphasizes how strong Obscura will continue to be. Their latest record, Omnivium, pleases many an extreme metal fan while opening up new ears in the progressive genre.
The band has been labeled "technical death metal" — what has been your general  reaction to that?Steffen Kummerer: To describe a band and their certain sound you need terms like that. In general, I would not see Obscura as a technical death metal band. We try to write good and memorable songs with diverse and uncommon arrangements. Also, compared to other bands of the genre, I see this band with a more broader background than only technique to show. From my point of view progressive death metal would fit best, but in the end it does not matter how you label a band – the music is the only thing that counts.
What does Linus Klausenitzer add to the band?Kummerer: Linus is a professional bassist with a huge history of projects from jazz to pop to classic to all extremes of metal music, and (he has) a pro attitude to everything he starts. We know each other since many years and especially his cooperation with the band Noneuclid impressed me pretty much. Noneuclid is basically a metal band that plays shows mostly with huge orchestras, one of the most interesting and unique bands on the planet. Linus proved his skills and social behaviour within a full European and North American tour during stressful situations and I am glad the band — as well as our fans — accepted him as new full time member so quickly. The next step is his performance on the new album we are working on right now. He is fully integrated into the songwriting and the whole process to bring our vision to life.
Why didn't Steve DiGiorgio or Jacob Schmidt work out as far as permanent bassists?Kummerer: Both, Jacob and Steve did stellar jobs during their shows with us and I am very glad they helped us out when our former bassist was not able to play those tours. Jacob Schmidt is a fretted bassist and has a very promising future with Germany's finest brutal death metal band Defeated Sanity. With Jacob we had a good time and also great feedback during our European tour alongside Cannibal Corpse — with his style the tunes sound a bit more crisp and the intonation was always correct. In the end Jacob is still working with Defeated Sanity and I hope they will get the attention they deserve. With Steve DiGiorgio we had a great experiece within our Japanese tour in 2010, but Steve is not into long tours anymore and prefers to play on different recordings. With Obscura we are into a 100+ show schedule per year, so I can understand his step. In any way, we are still in touch and may work on another project by time.
And Bassist Jeroen Thesseling had to leave because of "professional and musical differences" Can you elaborate?Kummerer: There where many reasons why three members of Obscura decided to end the cooperation with Thesseling. We accepted too many things and laid down too many issues within time. In the end there was no other way than to end this farce and leave him before closed doors and look for somebody reliable. Within a band you have to work as a team, only together and in balance you can reach your aims. I wish him good luck with his other projects and bands.
There have been many musicians come and go since Obscura started, has that been frustrating or just a natural evolution?Kummerer: It always was a combination of both mentioned. While we had plenty of musicians come and go within the first years what was more a natural thing, the last four or five years where very constant but those who had to leave were frustrating issues. Due to our collection of old recordings for our 10 year anniversary I am in touch wih most of the old members again and there is not a single one who has any bad thoughts about that time. We are all looking back to the early days and can't be more glad that what we once started as a band among many others grew to an international respected and successful group. Without the natural evolution as well as the sometimes frustrating moments we won't be here and do an interview together. I am glad and thankfull to everyone who was involved in Obscura to make all this happen. Every single one brought his piece.
Explain the demo collection to be released, titledIllegimitation. Some listeners cherish a band's demos as much as the studio releases.Kummerer: The demo collection contains recordings of three different sessions. Our very first demo, the more or less unreleased Illegimitation demo (2003), the preproduction for Cosmogenesis (2006) and three covers of bands that influenced us from the very first beginning up to this date: Cynic, Death and Atheist. This way you have the chance to get an overview about the bands evolution within the first ten years.
We decided to release it by our own and not through a label due to the fact that this is only interesting for the fans who already know our work of the three full length releases and ask for the history of Obscura. While the rerelease of our debut album Retribution sold, so far ,10.000 copies and many people asked me at shows or via email for our demos we thought it might be a nice gesture to release all those recordings for a small community of fans and also our friends and old band members.
In the end we had the idea to use a Kickstarter project to realize this idea with the voice of our fans. They can decide if this collection should be done or not. Personally I am not a fan of best of collections – sometimes it smells like a label just wants to make money with the leftovers of a band that split up or milk the cow of a group that left to another company. This way only the fans decide if they want to have those recordings or not. I guess this is fair for everyone.
The band has toured with some popular bands over the years — which band was the best to tour with?Kummerer: We had many great tours with a huge number of bands, it is hard to pick out one or two and say they where the best or the most successful ones. Our European headlining tour in 2007 along Agonize was a great experience, the festival tour with Atheist was amazing and the first ever trip to Japan with Nile and Triptykon was outstanding. We still miss the very first EU tour with Suffocation, our trips with The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom and Devin Townsend – just too much to pick one. We always have a good time with the other bands, it doesn't matter if they are headlining or opening.
How is this current North American tour going?Kummerer: The tour went well so far and with Abysmal Dawn, Last Chance to Reason and right now Enfold Darkness … we have some calm, down and smooth bands with us. Especially the co-headlining show with Cynic in NewYork was outstanding, among Edmonton, Seattle, LosAngeles and Portland. It seems that we have a strong fanbase in North America, something that is not very common for a foreign band. It feels better to play every night, a full set, and have the time to play more than 5-6 songs when you are support for a bigger band.
Where does the band receive the best reaction on tour?Kummerer: So far New York, Seattle, Portland, Edmonton I remember as fantastic. There is barely a bad show to mention; the people that are attending are always totally into the music. Before and after the show we always are open for a chat or a drink and keep talking to everyone who is showing up. Sometimes you recognize somebody that drives for many hours just to see a concert which is a honour.
What was it like touring United Arab Emirates?Kummerer: Fantastic. The whole South East Asia tour we did in September was unique and a great experience. We never thought there are so many people into our band and real die hard fans! The show in Dubai was great, everyone had a good time, the organization was professional as well as the circumstances overall. I am very thankfull for the invitation and I hope we can come back very soon and perform another time over there.
What were the successes and disappointments of previous tours?Kummerer: It depends what are you expectations on a tour in general. There is no red carpet anywhere, you will not get rich and this rock star dream does not exist if you look behind the walls. A tour is always hard work with less sleep than you may expect and sometimes frustrating circumstances. But you play for those who are interested in your music, what you are doing and if they are satisfied, have a good time and can go home with a good mood and smile on their face … the show or the whole tour is a success.
Are you pleased with the way Omniviumhas been received this year?Kummerer: Yes, absolutely. The feedback from press, fans and friends was positive and quite unexpected due to the fact that Omnivium turned out way more complex and layered than the previous album.

Omnivium was said to be based on Friedrich Schelling's work. Not an easy philosopher to tackle. Do you think the fans got the gist of the album?Kummerer: Maybe they do. Overall we are a metal band and metal fans are more interested in the music than in lyrics. Within the shows and all tours I talked to maybe ten people who asked for the meaning of the albums or songs, that trells a lot. Anyway, if there is something you can feel in the music I am glad, if you see the combination and the links in between lyrics, artwork, photos and music, I am happy and know the work was not for nothing.

Is the band writing new material for the next album? Will it be as ambitious as Omnivium?Kummerer: We are collecting ideas for the next album, that is correct. But right now we are into the touring cycle for Omnivium and half way through our world tour for this album. Many more shows will be done before we head into the studio and start with the recordings.
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