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Even if you don't play the Sabbath vinyl again, keep it. I gave a lot of my vinyl away and regret it. It's still good to pick up, hold and look at.

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> Hey Zapple, I'm hanging on to a lot of the stacks at this point. We've
> recently changed houses, moved back into the city and part of that process
> involved moving all that vinyl. Finding a place for it all was something
> that I dithered and debated quite a lot. Do I keep it? Sell it? put it in my
> will ; ) ?, etc.
> Supposedly, I have a master plan to convert it all, then sell the less
> sentimental stuff. Problem is, it’s the sentimental stuff that I already
> re-bought in cd form. So, here I sit with the Black Sabbath library on
> vinyl, yet I also own the Black Box set from a few years ago, that has every
> Ozzy era album in all its remastered glory. I doubt that I'll ever spin a
> Sabbath vinyl again. Couple that with the fact that I could probably sell
> them quite easily, considering that they are as popular as ever.
> Same with Alice, Deep Purple, etc.
> I can't sing, so what's a poor boy gonna do ; )
> Clint
> ...I guess punting always an option
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> I stil have some of my albums even though I don't have a turntable.
> My favorite album cover is The Faces' "Ooh La La." You push down on the top
> of the album and the mouth goes up and down and the eyes back and forth.
> Zapple100
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> >
> > Interesting article by Henry Rollins, regarding record collectors. Cute.
> >
> > Â
> > Â Limited-edition, colored vinyl, 7-inch single with a non-LP B-side?
> > Wait, it gets better. The first of three singles all featuring the same
> > A-side but different B-sides. Hold on -- the 12-inch version comes with a
> > live track and a demo version of the A-side, but not the non-LP B-side
> > that's on the 7-inch. To hear it all, you have to get all six releases. If
> > you are someone burdened by a real life, all of this is boring and yet
> > another example of the cruel and unusual machinations of predatory
> > capitalism.You would think the fans would be angered by their favorite
> > band taking advantage of their devotion by such wallet-thinning acts, but
> > quite often the only complaints you hear are from those who didn't get
> > theirs in time. You might think no one past the age of 17 could possibly
> > lose sleep over this kind of thing, but that's where you'd be wrong.
> > Collecting records is, for many, beyond a hobby. It is an obsession. Do
> > this kind of thing in high school and you can play the youth card.
> > Â
> > Â Do it at 50 and you have some issues you really need to deal with...
> > Â
> > The rest is here
> >
> > http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2012/01/henry_rollins_collector_scum.php
> > Â
> > Clint
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