[u2tour] Re: GA procedure, my experience in Pittsburgh


I'm not sure MOST of the people are even responding to the first posters main problem - not that people get a number and are gone all day (which I can see a problem if they are there only 5 min out of 12 hours). I believe the real issue was that some people WERE NEVER THERE PERIOD until the next day and that friends were saving numbers for people. Sorry, you cannot do that. I am sorry if your brother, girlfriend, mother, etc, cannot get there until such and such a time - u do not get to save them a place in line.

I believe someone said it about one boston show, the Cleveland Elevation show was run PERFECTLY. The arena gave out numbered bracelets at 10 am and told us to come back at 5pm. If you were in the first 300 you knew you were in - simple solution, solves ALL these dumb problems.

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