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I couldn't agree more! I wasn't the happiest with my number, but I had the best time waiting from 5:00 am with one break than ever

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U2 Dave is a guy named Dave who is on U2's staff who was appointed after the disastrous CA shows to be the pointman between venue staff and fans for each city. I'm sure he does many other things as well, but he moves the GA line on property, talks to security, tries to make sure the venue puts policies in place that won't kill people, etc.

And people weren't in line all night to have people show up in front of them. If people were let to line up all night this wouldn't be an issue.

Basically what's happened with venues on this tour is that they have been incredibly strict about not letting people camp overnight. They set an arbitrary time and say that's when people are allowed on property. Of course, people are still going to show up and try to queue and it's all just led to a lot of grief with the venues. I imagine what's happening with lists now originally started as a sort of compromise. In other words, one or two fans stay and take numbers- this placates the venues since one or two fans is certainly better than a hundred camping on the sidewalk. At a point an hour or two before the venue is allowing people on site, all the fans come and reform the line off site and then are allowed on venue property. With every show since the CA shows, this has been done by U2 Dave. Once they're on property, people hang out all day like any other tour's GA line.

This worked fine for the first American leg, and I can't remember going any earlier than the night before or very early morning the day of to get a number. This leg has been much, much crazier with lines starting a lot earlier. I've said quite a few times in earlier posts that I think they're starting way too early (but it becomes a sort of self-perpetuating thing and gets earlier and earlier - hopefully being back in arenas will help things out a bit) but the fact remains that this discussion has become ridiculous in its bitterness.

Everyone seems to be leaping up to ascribe awful characteristics to people they don't even know and presuming to know what happened at shows they didn't even go to. In Pittsburgh there were perhaps two people in front of me (the ones at the very, very front of the line) I knew from other shows. Those girls went above and beyond the call of duty in coordinating with security and U2 people.

All the big name 'Regulars' were actually behind me in the queue. The people ahead of me were neither cruel nor bullies nor members of some secret U2 cabal. Most of them were locals (well, relatively local - many had driven in from Ohio or Philly or other east coast locations) who were good natured and well-meaning and just wanted things to go well. Generally speaking, that's true of most everyone I've met at the head of the line. Sure, they want their spots. But they could just as easily come a little later and be number five or whatever and sit on their asses all day and not try to help out and still get their spots.

So come on people. If you want, we can all brainstorm great ways to make this work better next tour. But how about backing off on all the vitriol?

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> As I read these stories, I must admit I have gotten pretty angry. �First off, who the heck is U2 Dave, Secondly..who cares?? �The entire point of a ga line is to show up as early as you can..and hang out in the line until the gates open. �That is your spot. Period. You show up and get your number. Period. You make friends, talk, sleep..whatever. You get in line. �Who are these people who make these 3 day lists?? �It is impossible for people to get to a place 3 days in advance and follow these�independent�rules. �And yes..I am a huge fan. �Have been since day one..close to 30 years ago. �I see about 2-4 concerts per tour. �What ever happened to "old school" lines. �Lines where people showed up..spend the day (or the night before) in the rain..the heat..� EARN THEIR SPOT?? �That is half the fun. �If I ran into someone who "nominated"�them self�to be a line manager 3 days in advance..make "check in rules" and so forth..I would laugh
> in their face. These people are nothing but bullies who have seen upwards to 20 shows and think them self to be the ultimate fan. Guess what?? You aren't. �I spent the night on cement during Elevation and Vertigo tours. Yes i signed a sheet and got a number from some yahoo fan. Difference was...we STAYED IN LINE. �I would be FURIOUS if I were in line all night to only have 200 people come the next day and "check in" in front of me. �WTH?? �I usually don't post..but I had to. Enough is enough. Not at all what the band is about. Not what the fans are supposed to be about. Peace!�
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