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Dana, I was at the Salt Lake City show last week and talked with two men from the Qwest Field management.  They were in SLC checking things out and getting a game plan together.  They told me that Qwest Field has a pavilion that holds 5,000 people.  They were planning on opening the pavilion at 7:00 am the day of the show.  They told me that their is food, music, restrooms, and places to sit in the pavilion. They further stated no overnight camping, tents, folding chairs will be allowed in.  Not sure about coolers, but if they aren't allowing chairs in.  I'd doubt letting food in as well.
Don't take my word on it.  I'm just passing on the information they shared with me.

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Does anybody have any advance information on how the GA will work?  Can you camp

out the night before?  Will numbers be handed out?



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