[oddmusic] Udderbot Concert Fri. August 20!


This is your friendly day-of-concert reminder email. Hope to see you at 8!

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From: Jacob Barton <udderbot@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 6:26 PM
Subject: Udderbot Concert Fri. August 20!

Hi friends,

I want to make sure you know about my UDDERBOT RECITAL on Friday, August
20th, at 8PM at the UC-IMC <http://ucimc.org/>. I've been practicing the
udderbot <http://udderbot.wikispaces.com/> for five years, since it was
invented in 2005. It has been quite a ride, and I am continually inspired
by the excitement it provokes in others upon first discovering it.

With the help of many friends, I have put together a concert of mostly-new
music which features the udderbot. The concert will show what the udderbot
can do, given composers, while showing what composers can do, given the

I do hope you can come! Visit http://udderbot.wikispaces.com/ to RSVP & get
more info. If you can't make it, look forward to an online archive of the

Warm regards,
Jacob A. Barton

COMPOSERS FEATURED: Daniel Sedgwick, Marji Gere, Mark
Susan Parenti, Aaron K. Johnson <http://akjmusic.com/>, Edwin
Kyle Gann <http://kylegann.com/>, Joseph
Paul Kotheimer <http://handmaderecords.com/>, Elizabeth Adams, Bohuslav
Martinu, elizaBeth Simpson <http://www.myspace.com/elizacorps>, Anna
Hochhalter, Rob Scott <http://robscott.net/>, Michael Gaiuranos, Andrew
Heathwaite <http://www.soundclick.com/andrewheathwaite>, Ben Grosser, and
myself. <http://jacobbarton.net/> (Note: final program is not yet

TUNING SYSTEMS FEATURED: 7-EDO <http://xenharmonic.wikispaces.com/7edo>,
12-EDO <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal_temperament>,
31-EDO <http://xenharmonic.wikispaces.com/31edo>,
16-tone 7-limit JI, otonal JI<http://xenharmonic.wikispaces.com/OverToneSeries>

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