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On July 17, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release "Speak Of The Devil" on DVD by OZZY OSBOURNE in North America.

This show was filmed at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in California on June 12, 1982 as part of the delayed continuation of the "Diary Of A Madman" tour following the tragic death of Randy Rhoads a few months earlier. The audio has been digitally restored and remastered and is now available in DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound for the first time. "Speak Of The Devil" includes the classics "Mr. Crowley", "Over The Mountain", "Crazy Train", "Flying High Again", "Iron Man", "Paranoid", "Goodbye To Romance" and many more.

The concert is a perfect snapshot of Ozzy Osbourne's live performances in the eighties with dramatic staging and masses of energy with a setlist based around his first two solo albums and a few BLACK SABBATH classics. The lineup for this show features Ozzy Osbourne (vocals); Don Airey (keyboards); Tommy Aldridge (drums); Brad Gillis (guitar) and Rudy Sarzo (bass).

Sarzo, who also penned the liner notes for the DVD, tells AOL's Noisecreep about the set, "I've been looking forward to watching this since seeing the initial broadcast on Halloween in 1982. It was filmed in Southern California so it was a kind of hometown gig for all of us in the band because we all lived in the L.A. area. And of course, what makes it really special is that the person we are playing for, although he is not there in body, is truly present with us. You feel it. . . This particular show was really about capturing something unique. Rarely do you see a band doing a video where the main character or performer is not there. Randy Rhoads is missing — but we were all playing in the spirit of Randy. Every performance that happened after the crash was basically leading us all through the steps of grieving - every single one. And so by the time we were doing that last show, it was a celebration — purely a celebration of Randy Rhoads. By that night we had reached a truly special level and so to have it captured so professionally is very exciting for all of us. And remember, this was really the last tour that featured so much from 'Blizzard Of Ozz' and 'Diary Of A Madman', which Ozzy wrote with Randy. So all of the music that's featured is very special, too."

When asked if he had any special memories from that day, before the actual concert, Sarzo said, "Well, there used to be a Lion Country Safari right next to the venue. So before the show Ozzy did a photo shoot and I think he had an altercation with a monkey or something. I was not there — but I think any creature would be afraid of the guy who bit the head off of a bat. [laughs]"

"Speak Of The Devil" track listing:

01. Over The Mountain
02. Mr Crowley
03. Crazy Train
04. Revelation (Mother Earth)
05. Steal Away (The Night)
06. Suicide Solution
07. Guitar / Drum Solo
08. Goodbye To Romance
09. I Don't Know
10. Believer
11. Flying High Again
12. Iron Man
13. Children Of The Grave
14. Paranoid
RUSH's first new collection of original material in over five years and their first studio release via Anthem/Roadrunner Records, "Clockwork Angels" will be released on June 12.

The recording of "Clockwork Angels" began in April 2010 with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES) — who also collaborated with the band on their last studio album, 2007's "Snakes & Arrows".

Lyrically, "Clockwork Angels" chronicles a young man's quest across a lavish and colorful world of steampunk and alchemy as he attempts to follow his dreams. The story features lost cities, pirates, anarchists, an exotic carnival, and a rigid Watchmaker who imposes precision on every aspect of daily life. The novelization of "Clockwork Angels" is being written by science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson in collaboration with RUSH drummer and lyricist Neil Peart.

When asked by Spin.com if the songs for "Clockwork Angels" were put together any differently than they'd otherwise be because the lyrics constitute a narrative, RUSH bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee replied, "Well, that's a good question because it was much discussed while we were writing new material. The one thing that I wanted to avoid on this record was being a slave to the libretto. I didn't want the details of the story to start weighing down the individuality of any one song. I wanted the songs to be a collection that could stand on their own, outside of context of the whole story. When you look at a collection of songs like those on THE WHO's 'Tommy', you could pull 'I'm Free' out of that and it still stands on its own. But in connection to the story, it takes on another interpretation. So there was a lot of discussion about that. I think at one point, Neil [Peart, drummer/lyricist] was a little frustrated with my determination to keep the story-line minimal in a sense."

On the topic of whether there was a point in the process where Neil sat down with Geddy and guitarist Alex Lifeson and said, "Here's what these lyrics mean" and whether there is room for Geddy to have his own interpretation, Lee said, "There are times where there is a lot of discussion, and there are times when we get a lyric and it's not happening. If it's not connecting then you gotta sit down and say [to Peart] 'Yeah, tell me the story again. Why is the character in this situation? Why is he doing this? What do you want him to be feeling at this point?' Other times, it's quite clear to me and when that happens I can bring my own interpretation into the music because I I understand what Neil wants to say and what he wants the character to be expressing. It's really important for me to be clear with him. I have to write a vocal melody and I have to mean it, you know? So I have to be on the same page with him. Or at least in the same chapter of the book!"

"Clockwork Angels" track listing:

01. Caravan
02. BU2B
03. Clockwork Angels
04. The Anarchist
05. Carnies
06. Halo Effect
07. Seven Cities Of Gold
08. The Wreckers
09. Headlong Flight
10. BU2B2
11. Wish Them Well
12. The Garden
METALLICA is taking its famed snake-pit stage setup to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Rexall Place on Friday, August 17. Tickets will go on sale Friday, May 25 at 10 a.m.

METALLICA will perform its catalog of hits amidst a mind-blowing 360-degree stage that needs to be seen to be believed. This 140x50-foot stage will feature colossal components and striking visual elements spanning METALLICA's entire 30-year career.

"Our rabid Canadian fans will love this sick-as-fuck, over-the-top, out-of-control stage that will be the cornerstone of our touring escapades for the next years to come," said METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich. "Don't be scared boys and girls, this is going next level."

A posting on METALLICA's official web site reads: "We recently told you about our all new, out of control, massive stage and METALLI-show that will debut in Mexico City in late July. The brand new show features your favorite iconic elements spanning our entire 30-year touring career all on a huge 140x50-foot stage that is twice the size of the 'World Magnetic' setup... all in the round! Now after eight sold-out shows there, we're super-psyched to take it north for a show with our Canadian friends in Edmonton, Alberta at Rexall Place on August 17. Tickets go on sale on Friday, May 25 at 10 a.m. local time with a Live Nation pre-sale on Thursday, May 24 from 10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Met Club members should log in for details about their pre-sale starting Wednesday, May 23."

It is not clear whether this production is the highly theatrical show that the band first discussed back in 2010, with co-manager Peter Mensch saying it would be METALLICA's "equivalent of [PINK FLOYD's] 'The Wall'" and would "blow your mind."

Before all this happens, METALLICA will headline its own two-day musical event, the Orion Music + More festival, scheduled for June 23-24 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Over 20 acts are slated to perform.
METALLICA's August 24 concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada will be filmed in 3D for the band's upcoming 3D feature-film project.

Commented METALLICA: "We couldn't think of a better place than Vancouver to end our three-week new stage run with cameras capturing it all, so bring your nuttiest, craziest Metalli-self to the show, be a part of movie history, and show the rest of the world how much Vancouver rocks.

The group added, "For those of you wondering what lies ahead, the emphasis here is on 'end of our three-week new stage run' as these are indeed the last dates that we are announcing for summer of 2012."

METALLICA earlier in the year tapped award-winning director Nimród Antal to helm the band's upcoming 3D feature-film project. Charlotte Huggins ("Journey To The Center Of The Earth", "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island") will produce.

The film will be a marriage of narrative and concert and will star the "five" members of METALLICAJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, and the fans. It will begin shooting this August and will be released in the summer of 2013.

"I've been a fan of Nimród's since his first Hungarian film, 'Kontroll', showed up at Cannes in 2004 and blew everybody away," said METALLICA's Lars Ulrich. "I've watched with excitement his career in Hollywood blossom over the last few years. Within five minutes of meeting him I was addicted to his enthusiasm, his take on the creative process and his 'thinking outside of the box' personality. Let's get on with it!!!"

"METALLICA has always been a huge part of my life, and it's an incredible opportunity when we get to work with our heroes," said Antal. "We are going to harness the powerful and almighty energy of METALLICA's live shows, inject a narrative into it, and shoot it in 3D to elevate the entire experience."

Antal is best known for writing and directing the Hungarian-language film "Kontroll" (2003) that won several awards, including the Award of Youth at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and the Gold Hugo prize at the Chicago International Film Festival. He also received a European Film Award nomination for Best Director. His credits include "Vacancy", starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, and "Armored", starring Matt Dillon and Laurence Fishburne. In 2010 he was hired by Robert Rodriguez to direct "Predators", featuring Adrien Brody.

When METALLICA recently confirmed reports that it was working on a 3D movie, the band was vague about what exactly the project would entail or when it come out. The Pulse Of Radio asked drummer Lars Ulrich for more info and he said that film production is new territory for the group which they're taking very slowly. "It's been an idea that's been kind of circling in everybody's heads for about the last two years," he said. "Getting your own 3D movie off the ground is easier said than done, but we're doing our best and we have a window for that later in the year that we're hoping to still make happen. We just want to make sure that we don't throw ourselves out into something that gets so completely overwhelming that the whole thing just blows up in our face."

Entertainment industry web site Deadline first broke the news in October that METALLICA was looking to self-finance its own 3D feature film, and had Huggins to develop the project for them.

Ulrich did hint to Rolling Stone a few months back what the film might be like, saying, "Imagine if you took [LED ZEPPELIN's concert film] 'The Song Remains The Same', which is 75 percent concert, 25 percent other stuff, and flipped it around. And all the non-concert footage, instead of being about the band members, is a story that unfolds, set against the backdrop of the concert."

METALLICA's next major project is its Orion Music + More festival, a band-curated two-day event which will take place in late June in Atlantic City and feature over 20 bands as well as lifestyle attractions and other entertainment.
MetalSerbia.com recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. A couple of excerpts follow.

On the proposed collaborative project featuring MEGADETH's Mustaine and Ellefson alongside METALLICA's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich:

David Ellefson: "Look, it would be fun to do it. I think Dave just threw that out there as kind of a wishlist, [as] something [that would be] fun to do. I don't know if it's ever going to be a reality. But a lot of people got excited about the thought of it. If it would ever happen, absolutely, I'd participate. I think it would be a blast."

On MEGADETH being in the headlines for things that are completely unrelated to music, usually as a result of controversial statements by Dave Mustaine:

David Ellefson: "Those are Dave's feelings and opinions and here in America with our freedom of speech and liberties that we have, every one of us can voice their own opinion. He says those things because that's how he feels about them. MEGADETH has always been a band that has been about people's personal freedoms and liberties anyway. So, I think, for us to be able to say and do whatever we want, provided that it doesn't hurt other people, there's nothing wrong with that."

Hetfield laughed off talk of a possible collaboration between members of his band and members of MEGADETH in a recent interview, calling it "crazy" talk on the part of Mustaine. An original member of METALLICA before being kicked out in early 1983, Mustaine has jammed with his ex-bandmates on several occasions over the past couple of years during "Big Four" shows and at METALLICA's 30th anniversary concerts last December.

Although Mustaine recently spoke about assembling a "supergroup" combining him and Ellefson with Hetfield and Ulrich, Hetfield told So What!, METALLICA's fan club magazine, "I see [Mustaine] healthier now. I see him as less of a bitter guy. But I do see a lot of stuff in the press with him talking about jamming with us and making an album. All this other crazy stuff. I read it and say to myself, 'Hold on. This is the Dave that we kind of wanted to forget about. You know, the big-mouth that wants to just go-go-go.'"

Hetfield added, "But there is an authenticity about him when he speaks. He doesn't think too much before he does. He just goes off the cuff. Plus, when he says stuff like that, it's well-intended."

Mustaine feuded with the members of METALLICA for more than two decades before finally patching things up over the last couple of years.

Mustaine recently made headlines when he told Canadian television and radio personality George Stroumboulopoulos that he is certain that President Obama "was born somewhere else than America."

"I have a lot of questions about [Obama], but certainly not where he was born," Mustaine said. "I know he was born somewhere else than America."

When Stroumboulopoulos pointed out that this school of thought made the musician part of the so-called "birther" movement, Mustaine countered, "I'm not calling a question to it, I just, you know, it's a point. How come he was invisible until he became whatever he was in Illinois?"

Stroumboulopoulos tried to further challenge Mustaine on his claims, causing the MEGADETH frontman to attempt to change the subject.

"I don't want to talk about my president," Mustaine said, before going on to admit that he was going to "have to do some more homework on where Obama came from."
EspyRock recently conducted an interview with GUNS N' ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

EspyRock: I want to congratulate you on being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Dizzy Reed: Thank you.

EspyRock: How does it feel to be inducted as a member of GUNS N' ROSES and to see your name in there now?

Dizzy Reed: Well, it wasn't without controversy, as you know, but the whole concept was an honor. It came and went, and it is there, but right now the [current European] tour is the most important thing. I've just been focussing on that and believe me, it takes a bit of preparation for me to get ready to come out and do this. It has been quite a hectic few weeks with that and the tour leading up to when we got on the plane to head out.

EspyRock: I hope you don't mind me asking but considering the honor you were receiving, why didn't you attend the ceremony? Was that due to tour preparations or did you not feel the circumstances were right due to the controversy?

Dizzy Reed: Well, you know, Axl [Rose, vocals] decided not to go because he felt that it wasn't right, and I stand by him. The reasons he gave made sense to me and I agreed with him, so I chose not to go as well.

EspyRock: When you look at it all, the Hall Of Fame induction really just caused more damage than it did good, because while GUNS N' ROSES have always been under fire, it just ignited a new wave of hatred and abuse.

Dizzy Reed: Well, like you said "congratulations," we're in the Hall Of Fame, man, and that's cool. That's all there is to it now, time for people to move on.

EspyRock: Your induction represents what you have achieved throughout your career with the band, which now stands at twenty two years. Do you feel as if your role has changed over the years, especially as you're the second longest standing member next to Axl?

Dizzy Reed: You know, I don't think it has changed a whole heck of a lot, to be honest. [laughs] I just try to add, and I always have, what I can to the music in the studio and to the performance when we are performing live. I think, if anything, I've been given a little more freedom over the years because I've become a better performer. I've been given a little more freedom to do things that I wouldn't have in the past. In the past, it was, "You're not going to play on this song," and that was many, many, many years ago, but now things are different a little bit. Like I said, the most important thing is that I just try to add what I can to make the songs better. In the studio, I just try whatever I can, throw some ideas around and just see what sticks to the wall, but it's all about making the songs better. Live, it is kind of a similar process, but I kind of know what is going to work and what is not going to work. I try not to have any redundancy of sound or tone or anything and visually for the people who are there to see the show.
Legendary guitarist Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES) will be interviewed by Piers Morgan on Wednesday, May 23 on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight". The interview, which airs live at 9 p.m. EDT tomorrow, will touch on Slash's history and his new album, "Apocalyptic Love", and how he has remained a vital artist for almost 20 years after leaving GUNS N' ROSES.

Slash's second solo album, "Apocalyptic Love", is being released today (Tuesday, May 22) via his own label Dik Hayd International distributed through EMI.

In the U.K., "Apocalyptic Love" was released on May 21 in exclusive Classic Rock Fan Pack form — providing a unique collectable package containing the studio album with bonus tracks alongside a specially created magazine with unseen behind-the-scenes content put together by Classic Rock. The Fan Pack format also comes with free gifts, including a pin badge and artwork poster and is available to buy via more than 2000 retail outlets on newsstands nationally as well as the traditional high street and online music retailers. Roadrunner Records simultaneously released the record digitally. The standard physical release of the Slash album will follow through Roadrunner Records on June 18.

"Apocalyptic Love" track listing:

01. Apocalyptic Love
02. One Last Thrill
03. Standing In The Sun
04. You're A Lie
05. No More Heroes
06. Halo
07. We Will Roam
08. Anastasia
09. Not For Me
10. Bad Rain
11. Hard & Fast
12. Far And Away
13. Shots Fired
North American syndicated rock radio show "In The Studio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands" goes one on one with Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx for the sometimes hilarious, sometimes shocking story behind MÖTLEY CRÜE's four-million-seller "Girls Girls Girls".

A product of the '80s Hollywood Sunset Strip, MÖTLEY CRÜE were the quintessential L.A. hair metal band. Their string of hit albums and crossover songs on radio and MTV was only matched by their over the top live show, mounting legal bills, and alarming drug use. By 1987, the band was dancing on a fine line between real life or death. As MÖTLEY CRÜE prepares to criss-cross Europe, Scandinavia, and the U.S. this summer with KISS, Nikki Sixx tells show host Redbeard just what he remembers about the No. 2 -charting Billboard album "Girls Girls Girls".

"We were a mess," he said. "I know we didn't go overseas, because the management said, 'You guys go, and somebody's not coming back. Or if they do, they're coming back in a body bag... We were operating like a punk band! We were completely out of control."

"In The Studio" is syndicated on over 50 radio stations across North America.

The MÖTLEY CRÜE/"In The Studio" program will air on radio this weekend.
Dean Markley USA today announced the release of the new Nikki Sixx Helix HD SS bass strings. This collaboration with MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx offers the exact string type and gauges he uses on stage. The Nikki Sixx strings are constructed of stainless steel alloy and feature new Helix patent-pending hyper-elliptical windings. As Nikki puts it: "Dean Markley puts the bite back in the bass sound."

With over a year of research and development, the Helix string uses a precise elliptical shape for the winding wire. The shape then had to be paired with the correct winding process. The hyper-elliptical winding process results in an increased number of wraps along the length of the string. This increases the mass of the string without changing its diameter or material. More mass makes a fuller tone; more windings give a smoother feel as well as a brighter, more resonant tone. Additional benefits of the hyper-elliptical windings are a relaxed feel and less unwanted noise. The strings are designed to last much longer without sacrificing tone and performance.

What makes the Nikki Sixx signature set unique is his choice of custom gauges:

* First String: .050
* Second String: .070
* Third String: .090
* Fourth String: .110

MSRP: $49.50 USD

For more information visit www.DeanMarkley.com.
ANTHRAX members Frank Bello (bass), Charlie Benante (drums) and Joey Belladonna (vocals) taped a four-minute public service announcement (PSA) for the Musicians Opposed To Bullying (M.O.B.) web site addressing the ever-growing problem of bullying, and especially cyber-bullying — the use of technology such as the Internet and phone texting to harass or humiliate others. Check it out below.

Bello: "I was bullied when I was young, living in upstate in New York. I was literally beat up every day I went to school. I was beat up by this tall dude. He was a bigger dude, he was muscular. He would beat me up and keep me under the car every day I went to school. I think [bullying] is for the weak. People that are insecure, people that don't have good home lives and are taking it out on other people. I think it's wrong. I think it's wrong and it's gotta stop."

Benante: "The reason why bullying has gotten really out of hand now is because of Facebooks and everything like that. You can post something about someone and it can reach hundreds of thousands of people. I just don't think the kids that are being bullied — and this is just me saying it — I don't think you should take it [so] hard [sa to] wanna end your life because of it. This is just a moment in your life. You have so much more of your life. So if someone is bullying you you and no one is listening to you about the bullying, go somewhere else, go to a higher [authority figure]."

Bello: "The guys that are bullying you, the people that are bullying you — girls, guys, whoever it may be — they're feeling so badly about themselves, they have to take it on somebody else; that's how they get it out. You have to understand that and be smarter and be somebody above them. 'Cause these people are feeling at a low point in their life and that's how it comes out of them. I'm not talking about forgiveness. You have to take yourself and rise above it. 'Cause this will pass. You have to understand that. I made it pass and you can make it pass also."

Benante: "Suicide is not the answer for that. I really think that taking it to a higher level, changing schools is more important than you checking out of life. For all of us, there was always an escape — music was an escape, art was an escape."

Bello: "And don't be afraid to tell… Whether you have a good relationship with your parents or you don't, you have a guidance counselor in school, you have a principal. I was close to my principal in school. When I was getting bullied, I talked to him, and he acted as a confidant. And he told me what to do; it was very secretive. You can do it all in secret. Don't feel like there is no way out; there is a way out. And it's not suicide. It's absolutely not suicide. Get rid of these lowlives in your life, man. I'm telling you. There's a long life ahead of you."
Fire From The Sky is the eighth studio album from Shadows Fall. The Massachusetts band brought in Adam D (Killswitch Engage) to produce the CD, reprising his role from their 1997 debut Somber Eyes To The Sky. I caught up with the band's recently married vocalist Brian Fair as the band was on the road with Fear Factory.
Chad Bowar: When did you begin the songwriting process for Fire In The Sky?
Brian Fair: Once we got off the road last year for Retribution, we took a little time off, but Matt and John started getting riffs together pretty much right away. Then over the next year we worked on tunes on and off. We played some shows here and there, and both Paul and I got married and took some time off. We really started getting refocused around mid-summer. Throughout the summer we were writing and jamming. In early fall we started doing demos and getting slightly more polished versions of the songs together. Adam D came in for pre-production around that time and helped us out. We went into the studio at the end of the year and we were writing up until the last day of drum tracking, so there were still ideas coming out.
Did you have a specific musical direction you wanted to go in for this album?
No, we never really do. Usually the first couple of songs set a vibe or tone, but we don't sit down and say we are going to write a really fast record or a really melodic record. It's whatever comes out at the time, and that's usually based on what we're listening to or where our heads are at during that time. As the band progresses, we know what we do well, and have that groundwork we come from, but we always want to bring in some twists and turns.
Do you write more material than you need, and then cut it down, or do you generally write the number of songs you need for an album?
We're definitely on the lower side of things. (laughs) We recorded the music for 13 or 14 songs, but finished 12 songs, 10 for the record and two bonus tracks. We're not a band that works with tons of volume and throws out ideas or has a bunch of half-finished ideas. We like to work on a song until its done. That usually leaves us with a little leeway, but not a ton.
What led you to work with producer Adam D again after all these years?
We have wanted to work with Adam D for a while. Zeuss has done an amazing job for so many years, but after a long time you want to mix things up a little bit and bring in a different set of ears. Even a change of location can make a difference. Adam has made a lot of great records, but he's also a friend and an incredible musician. It makes the working environment very easy. He knows our sound backwards and forwards.
He can also present his ideas in a way that other musicians can understand. He can physically show us what he's talking about. He's also great at subtle ideas; a tiny harmony here, a small guitar layer there, a little percussion in the background that really makes a part pop. Those are the kind of things as a band we may not think of. His perspective for that kind of stuff is invaluable.
What will be your strongest memory of the recording of this album?
One of the coolest things was, right before we broke down the drums after Jay had been tracking for a week, Matt came up with an idea that he had been tinkering with for a couple of weeks. We started jamming on it, and the song took form within a couple of hours. Obviously it needed some work from there, but it was enough to track the drums and have the whole outline ready. To have that kind of spur of the moment, last second, buzzer beater inspiration was awesome. I think you can hear the energy on the song, which is "Divide And Conquer." When those moments happen, when a song just kind of falls from the sky, those are what you live for. That's probably my favorite memory of the whole process.
When you record vocals, do you do an entire song with both harsh and clean vocals, or split them up, recording harsh vocals, then clean vocals for different songs?
I usually try and do it song by song, but there may be times if I've been doing brutal vocals for a while and there's a big melodic part, I may save that for another day. But I do try to go song by song. Then we'll listen back, and anything we're not 100 percent sold on, or if we think we can get a better performance on, we'll go back and revisit it.
What's the balance between harsh and melodic vocals compared to your past releases?
We've utilized three vocals a lot, with me, Matt and John, and have always tried to vary it between melodic and brutal as well as in between. On this record, we went even further than that. Matt did some super low death metal vocals. They have been on every record, but sometimes more subtlely, and this time they were more in the forefront again. I tried to push my range and try some new things. A lot of times we'll just sing without a whole lot of thought behind a style. It's just whatever came naturally for that part, just let it rip. We try to come up with cool ways to incorporate all the vocals, whether it's putting some brutal vocals together with really high melodic vocals, pushing me and Matt's harmonies together, stuff like that. We really try to vary it up and mix it up and push our sound into new territory.
When you're in the studio do you give any consideration to how you're going to pull something off live, or worry about it later?
We usually worry about it later. Obviously there are things that I sing that overlap, and when we do it live Matt will do a part. But we usually figure it out in the practice space later on. And there are always parts that can't be done live.
Your last album Retribution you released on your own label. This time you signed with Razor & Tie. What led to that decision?
We had a cool experience with our imprint on the Warner label and had a lot of success with that. It was definitely cool. But one thing we did notice was that when you don't have a full time staff of publicity and things like that, it can become more difficult to keep the life of the project going. We weren't sure there were even traditional record deals left. Then Razor & Tie came with a very band friendly, straight up record deal. No 360 stuff, no publishing, merch, touring. It was strictly a recording deal.
They have had great success recently with bands in the metal world like All That Remains, but they also have backing from a totally different world, like the Kidz Bop. That's what bankrolls a lot of stuff. Yeah, we'll spend some Kidz Bop money! (laughs) The staff there is great. Their publicity team is awesome, the radio team has had tons of success. They got a metal band like All That Remains into the top five in commercial radio, which is unheard of. We were really confident that they understood a band like us. They also had a lot of proactive ideas, with the changing landscape of the music industry and trying to figure out how it's going to work. That was also very important to us. We wanted somebody with a finger on the pulse of what's happening now, but also an eye for the future.
You're currently on tour with Fear Factory. How is it going so far?
It's great. We did a couple of shows in Texas, which were both awesome, but every metal show in Texas is awesome. It was a great way to start. We're looking forward to some good times.
How long is Ed from Dark Day Sunday filling in on bass for you?
He's doing this tour, then hopefully Paul will be able to do some stuff throughout the summer. His wife is expecting, and he is recovering from dual carpal tunnel surgeries. He had both wrists worked on. Hopefully he'll be up and running. We're lucky to be able to have Ed fill in. He's been doing great so far. The shows have gone without a hitch.
When you are planning your touring schedule, does it all depend on what offers you get, or do you say you're going to be on a festival, then headline, then open for a bigger act, etc.?
It usually depends on what is out there. If there's a great opening slot, that's where you go. If nothing like that is out there, you look into doing a headlining run. We always want to do at least one headlining run in a tour cycle just so we can play a whole set. It's getting tougher for us. We have so many records, and it's tough picking a 45 minute set for a support slot. It's always good to headline and play the whole catalog.
You recently did a couple of shows with Anthrax in Mexico. How did those go?
It was awesome. It was so great to share the stage with those guys. And the audiences were insane. Thrash metal is alive and well in Mexico, that's for sure. Anthrax are one of our biggest influences as a band, and Jason has actually filled in with them a couple of times when Charlie wasn't able to play. For us, doing those shows was great.
How long are your dreadlocks currently?
Ankle length, I'd say. I'm about six feet tall, so I'm pushing 5 feet four inches on the dreads.
How does the new Mrs. Fair feel about the dreads?
She is just as nappy as I am. She's had dreads for about 11 years, although she has trimmed hers, so they are a lot shorter. We get them tangled up every now and then, but figure a way out. (laughs) She has no problem with them.
Will be more difficult to balance work and home now, and do you anticipate doing less touring?
Possibly. She knew this is what I do for a living, but as you get older you can't keep that stamina for touring that you used to have. So you try to find a way to have breaks and spend time at home. It also helps keep it fresh and exciting for the band. She comes out and visits as much as she can when she can get away from work. You find a way. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Steven Rosen of Ultimate-Guitar.com recently conducted an interview with HELLYEAH guitarists Tom Maxwell and Greg Tribbett. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Ultimate-Guitar.com: When you first played with Vinnie [Paul Abbott, drums], was he as great as you thought he'd be?

Maxwell: Absolutely. I think it took a couple days for us to get into our groove, but we started writing right away and his insight and his ears are incredible. He would go in there and he'd hear things that we're not hearing. Whether it's sound or whether it's just arrangement parts. Look, him and his brother wrote all those great songs and some of the most defining music in metal history. So he definitely brought that aspect into it and still does.

Ultimate-Guitar.com: The "Band Of Brothers" album is where it all came together musically?

Maxwell: We were fuckin' focused coming into this record. We came off the tour of the last cycle and I remember having a conversation with Greg, just saying, "This next fuckin' record, let's just get fuckin' balls out and bring what we are as individuals. Who you are and who I am, who Chad [Gray, vocals] is, who Vinnie is and who Bob [Zilla; bass] is and bring it in and be that. No more experimenting. Let's just do what we fuckin' do without thinking. Just go." And that's what we did and you hear it.

Tribbett: You can hear all the influences from all the bands and Vinnie's crushing it on the drums.

Maxwell: I read a review and the guy said Vinnie hasn't sounded this fierce since [PANTERA's] "Great Southern" or "Far Beyond". He broke out his old fucking sounds and his tones. He said, "You wanna hear fuckin' Vinnie Paul? You're gonna get it. Here it is." Totally rad.

Ultimate-Guitar.com: Were you able to get all your excesses out on "Band Of Brothers"?

Maxwell: Me personally, I got everything I wanted out of this record. It's all there for me. I listen to it and I don't have any dead spots in the way I feel. Like, "This song shoulda, coulda had this or should not have that." It all came out and I'm fuckin' beyond proud of this record. Part of the cool thing about it is at the end of the day the insecurities of when we were first finished doing it are gone. I'm like, "Man, is this fuckin' song good enough? Is this record good enough?" There's always that hunger to know you did a good job. Then after we hear the mix and the master and the reaction from people, it's kinda like a sigh of, "Yeah man, I fuckin' did it. We fuckin' did it."

Ultimate-Guitar.com: Without trying to sound maudlin or corny, do you think [late PANTERA guitarist and Vinnie Paul's brother] Dime ["Dimebag" Darrell Abbott] is looking down and digging "Band Of Brothers"?

Maxwell: All the time. The funny thing is his big number is 333 and we see it everywhere we go. We were in Tokyo taking the bullet train and the train number was 333. Vinnie took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook.

Maxwell: Vinnie said something really fuckin' deep. He said, "My brother would have loved this band and he's with this band." He feels it. Listen, he might be gone, but the essence of his life is running through the very veins of Vinnie still to this day and so is his spirit. And Vince brings that and in a way he kind of took the reins from a lot of things that Dime was and just continued on with it. Like Dime and like Vinnie said, and I can apply it to Vince, Vince gets off on making people happy and making sure everybody is having a good time and loving it. So yeah, I definitely feel that his spirit and all that lives through with us. And with anybody that was a real true fan of PANTERA and Dime — they know what I'm talkin' about. Every time you put on that record, he's alive.
HELLYEAH has announced that it will play the remaining dates of its current tour without guitarist Greg Tribbett, who has had to return home due to a family emergency. The band has been on a successful tour with CLUTCH since April 13.

Commented HELLYEAH singer Chad Gray: "We all stand with our brother Greg while he tends to personal matters. Our thoughts are with him and his family, and while the shows won't be the same without him, we will soldier on for our fans and close out this tour in the same kick ass fashion we always do.

"There's a lyric in our new song 'Band Of Brothers' that says, 'I've got your back and you've got mine,' and that couldn't be more true for us right now."

HELLYEAH will perform the following dates as a four-piece, with Tom Maxwell taking over for Tribbett, as well as carrying on with his own guitar duties:

May 22 - Lynchburg, VA - Phase 2
May 24 - Indanapolis, IN - The Vogue
May 25 - Huntington, WV - V Club
May 27 - Pryor, OK - Rocklahoma
May 28 - El Paso, TX - Baloonfest

HELLYEAH's "Band Of Brothers" video can be seen below. The clip was filmed on March 26 at Loyal Studios in Burbank, California with director David Brodsky of MyGoodEye, who has previously worked with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GOATWHORE, MUNICIPAL WASTE and SUFFOCATION, among many others.

"Band Of Brothers" is the title track of HELLYEAH's third album, which will be released on July 17 via the band's new label home, Eleven Seven Music. The CD was recorded in Dallas, Texas at Vinnie Paul's home studio, VP's Upstairs Studio, and was produced by the band and Jeremy Parker (GODSMACK, EVANESCENCE), who also served as engineer.

"Band Of Brothers" track listing:

01. War In Me
02. Band Of Brothers
03. Rage/Burn
04. Drink Drank Drunk
05. Bigger God
06. Between You And Nowhere
07. Call It
08. Why Does It Always
09. WM Free
10. Dig Myself A Hole
11. What It Takes To Be Me
In a brand new interview with Billboard.com, Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) was asked about former PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott's recent comment that if PANTERA ever reformed, Zakk would be the man to replace the band's late guitarist — and Vinnie's brother — "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

"I love all those guys," Zakk replied. "It would be an honor. How could I say no? I'd do my best to make them proud."

Speaking to Cindy Scull of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas radio station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks back in March, Vinnie Paul stated about the possibility of a PANTERA "reunion" with Wylde filling in for Dimebag. "[Zakk] and my brother were so tight. If [a PANTERA reformation] ever were to happen, [Zakk] would be the guy [to step in for Dimebag]. But I honestly think, out of respect for my brother, we should just leave the 14 amazing years PANTERA had be. We're all happy doing our own thing. We have to continue living and do other things."

Earlier this month, former PANTERA singer Philip Anselmo was asked by Ned of the WGRD 97.9 FM radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan about the likelihood of a PANTERA reformation with Wylde, "That's an interesting question," he said. "Well, look, before anything like that could possibly happen, Vince and I would have to actually be in the same room, we'd have to sit down, hash out whatever differences, demons… whatever… we'd have to hash it all out. And as far as Zakk Wylde goes, I'm not so sold on all that, because I think he and I have to sit down and hash some crap out. That day has not come yet, and [when] that day comes, I can comment further on it. As of right now, it's just talk."

Former PANTERA bassist Rex Brown also addressed the possibility of Wylde taking Dimebag's place in a reformed PANTERA. He told the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner earlier this month, "You know, we keep hearing rumors about a reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar, and that is such bullshit. You can't replace my brother."
Nick Sterling, who played guitar, and co-wrote many of the songs, on Sebastian Bach's latest album, "Kicking & Screaming", has released the following statement regarding his absence from Sebastian's current U.S. shows:

"Hey everyone, just to clear everything up, I will be touring again with Sebastian Bach for the upcoming Europe tour. There was a scheduling conflict that kept me from performing at the last three shows but Andy Wood [who previously played in the Knoxville, Tennessee hard rock band DOWN FROM UP] did a fantastic job filling in. He's a great player! I'm really looking forward to getting back on stage with the band!"

Shortly after joining forces with Sterling in 2009, Bach stated about the young guitarist, "After searching for 'my Randy Rhoads' for the last couple of decades, I am very excited to introduce to you a guitar player whom I feel has what it takes to take on the world of rock n' roll and beyond...

"After flipping through an issue of Guitar World magazine (good place to find guitar players, it turns out!), I saw an ad for an amplifier that featured Nick Sterling. After I found Nick's web sites, I could not believe how talented this guy was... He sings, plays all guitars and basses, and all the drums on his recordings! Now that's something I know very few people are capable of. His songs rock, he plays great... I was very interested in making some music with this dude. I contacted him through his MySpace page, and soon we were emailing song ideas back and forth.

"Nick is younger than I am. The reason I dig his tunes is that, to me, rock 'n' roll is all about the spirit of the 'youth gone wild,' and honestly, some musicians, as they get older, tend to 'write older.' I am simply far too in love with rock n' roll, still, to change my 'musical direction' right now. I just want to keep making albums that have tons of energy, are melodic, cool, groovin' and fit into the catalog of what I have put out so far. Nick's songs and vibe fit perfectly alongside such tracks as 'Youth Gone Wild', '18 & Life', etc."

Bassist Jason Christopher — who filled in for Shawn Economaki during STONE SOUR's spring 2011 tour and who previously played with SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor in the JUNK BEER KIDNAP BAND — recently joined Bach's solo group.

Bach completed a short run of North American dates in February and took part in the Rock 'N' Roll Allstars tour, which hit the road in South America in late April.
Due to popular demand, Austin, Texas metal luminaries THE SWORD have produced a 1,000-piece, limited-edition vinyl single of "Hammer Of Heaven", an early track dating back to 2003 that was not included on the band's "Age Of Winters" album. The seven-inch picture disc will also feature a version of "Ebethron" recorded live at Austin's legendary Stubb's BBQ. The vinyl picture disc will be released on June 22 and is available now for pre order at this location. Those pre-ordering will receive the single along with a 7 x 7 signed and numbered glossy insert and an exclusive T-shirt. A small quantity of the single will also be available at the band's June dates leading to their appearance at the Orion Music + More festival.

After releasing three critically acclaimed albums on Kemado Records, the Austin, Texas-based quartet featuring guitarist/vocalist J.D. Cronise, guitarist Kyle Shutt, bassist Bryan Richie, and new drummer Santiago "Jimmy" Vela III will commence recording its fourth album on June 24 with a projected release date of fall 2012. The new CD will be supported by extensive global touring that will stretch well into 2013.

THE SWORD's third album, "Warp Riders", sold around 8,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 47 on The Billboard 200 chart.

"Warp Riders" marked the first release where the group has worked with an outside producer. Helmed by Matt Bayles (PEARL JAM, MASTODON, ISIS), the album was anchored by an epic science-fiction narrative. The storyline was a psychedelic space opera that explored temporal themes of death and rebirth. "Warp Riders" also found THE SWORD expanding its range from pure metal to include bone-crunching hard rock at large.
Veteran San Francisco Bay Area metallers DEATH ANGEL will make their 1987 debut album, "The Ultra-Violence", available as a 25th-anniversary reissue after more than 10 years of being out of print. The CD will be released on June 6 at 6:00 a.m. PST exclusively at the official DEATH ANGEL webstore. Guitarist Rob Cavestany says, "Digitally remastered but not altered, it sounds leagues better than the original pressing yet retains every ounce of vibe, character and feel that we put into our first record.

"To coincide with this release we will be performing the full album in its entirety this summer on tour in Europe. Perhaps even select dates in other parts of the world… We shall see where this takes us.

"Hope you enjoy this blast from the past as we go 'old school' and bring Bay Area thrash in its most primal form from 1987 to 2012. Join us as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'The Ultra-Violence'!"

"The Ultra-Violence" track listing:

01. Thrashers (Cavestany, Dennis Pepa) (7:09)
02. Evil Priest (Cavestany, Osegueda) (4:53)
03. Voracious Souls (Cavestany, Osegueda) (5:39)
04. Kill As One (Cavestany) (4:57)
05. The Ultra-Violence (instrumental) (Cavestany, Dennis Pepa) (10:32)
06. Mistress Of Pain (Cavestany) (4:03)
07. Final Death (Cavestany) (6:02)
08. I.P.F.S. (Cavestany) (1:54)

DEATH ANGEL recently joined forces with SEPULTURA, KRISIUN and HAVOK for a North American tour.

DEATH ANGEL will release a DVD entitled "A Thrashumentary" later this year. According to a press release, "A Thrashumentary" is a combination live video and documentary, all wrapped up in one thrashing DVD. The footage was directed by Tommy Jones (SOILWORK, KATAKLYSM) and mixed by Chris Clancy of The Studio. The film gives the viewer an in-depth look into one of the longest-running thrash acts out of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region known for turning out historic thrash bands such as METALLICA, TESTAMENT and EXODUS.

"Relentless Retribution", the latest album from DEATH ANGEL, sold 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 10 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The band's previous album, "Killing Season", opened with around 2,300 units back in March 2008. This number was in line with the performance of its predecessor, "The Art of Dying", which registered a first-week sales tally of around 2,100 back in May 2004.
Callie Que of the 102.9 The Buzz (WBUZ) radio station in Nashville, Tennessee conducted an interview with DROWNING POOL guitarist C.J. Pierce at this year's Rock On The Range festival, which was held May 18-20 at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. You can now watch the chat below.

Regarding DROWNING POOL's plans for the immediate future, Pierce said, "We've been in the studio. DROWNING POOL is recording a new record. We have three weeks left. I've been in the studio all year long and I haven't gone out at all — 12-hour days, seven days a week; I'm not kidding. . . We have our first coming out show with the new [singer], we're gonna be opening up for MÖTLEY CRÜE on July 13 — it's a radio show in Wisconsin, which is great, to get started, again, right where you left off. We were fortunate… Things have been, the last few years… I mean, things are flowing again. It's been great. . . But the new record is heavier, there's more metal on it, there's a lot of double bass, a lot of guitar solos… stepping up a notch."

Pierce declined to reveal the new DROWNING POOL singer's identity, but he did offer that the vocalist's first name contains the letter "J."

DROWNING POOL parted ways with vocalist Ryan McCombs late last year, with Pierce telling the 97-1 The Eagle radio station in Dallas, Texas at the time that the singer and his former bandmates simply "grew apart." He explained, "If you're gonna write music together and tour together, you've gotta be hitting on all four cylinders — everybody's gotta be on the same page. . . So instead of going into the studio and trying to force something and just throwing out a record there, [we thought it would be] better if we part ways now while we're still on good terms."

McCombs joined the band in 2005 and provided some stability on the microphone after the group's first two albums featured two different vocalists. Original frontman Dave Williams died on tour in 2002 after singing on the band's debut, "Sinner". He was replaced by Jason "Gong" Jones, who also contributed to one record, "Desensitized", before being shown the door in 2004.

McCombs sang on two studio efforts by DROWNING POOL, 2007's "Full Circle" and 2010's self-titled fourth album.

DROWNING POOL's fifth album is tentatively due in October.
Jesse Capps of RockConfidential.com recently conducted an interview with '80s hard rock queen Lita Ford. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

RockConfidential.com: The lyrics [on your new album, "Living Like A Runaway"] are so personal. After all the emotional struggles you've been through the past couple of years, was it easier to write the songs because of that or did it make it a more difficult experience?

Lita: It made it easier. People write about their experiences in life. For instance, Nikki Sixx and SIXX: A.M. have the song "Life Is Beautiful". Nikki died. He overdosed on heroin and died. You write about your life experiences because they're real. I've been gone from the public eye for 17 years. A lot has happened to me in those 17 years. I'm overflowing with emotions and I channeled them into this record. I know I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve with this record and it's OK. I think a lot of people will be able to relate in many ways — dealing with homework, having a bad day at the office or having a great day at the office. It's almost like the album cover should have one big middle finger on it!

RockConfidential.com: The songs on SIXX: A.M.'s "The Heroin Diaries" touched so many people because they could relate the lyrics. I really see "Living Like A Runaway" having the same impact with listeners. There are people out there that could hear these songs and find some comfort with their own situations or to inspire them to get back up and keep kicking ass.

Lita: Absolutely. This record will be an inspiration to a lot of people in many ways. Like "Living Like A Runaway" — how many people are running away from things? Running away from the law, their homework — it goes many different directions. Or maybe "Asylum" — sometimes your house can turn into a nuthouse. Sometimes your office can turn into a nuthouse. Sometimes your school can turn into a nuthouse. This album has also got a lot of great guitar riffs.

RockConfidential.com: It really does. Every song has that catchy guitar riff that a lot of artists have moved away from or forgotten about.

Lita: That's true. You don't pay as much attention to it anymore. That seems to have gotten lost. I really wanted to go back to basics. When Gary [Hoey] and I recorded this album, that's the first thing we said to each other: "Let's go back to basics and bring back what we both love". Gary and I are the same age. We've watched the music industry change over the years. Now the music industry is up against the wall. OK, now what are you gonna do? A lot of people miss those beautiful guitar parts and the real riffy rock. I didn't pay too much attention at the time what was going on musically, but now that this record is written and I'm starting to compare it to other records I can hear that a lot of it has gotten lost over the years. I'm glad that I'm able to bring some of it back.

RockConfidential.com: Tell me about working with Gary Hoey. How did you two first get together?

Lita: We would run into each other here and there. One day he called and said, "I have a studio. You're always welcome to use it." That was really cool and I thought about it and decided to take him up on that offer. When he called me I was looking for a record producer. I had talked to various record producers but none of them fit the mold because they weren't thinking along the same lines as I was thinking. The type of record I wanted to make didn't appeal to them. They were like, "Eehh — it's gonna be old school and it's gonna be dated." If they felt that way then they were the wrong producer! I kept telling Gary I couldn't find a producer. I told him I wanted to go back to basics and play guitar. I don't want to play some sort of electronic device. I want real bass and drums. I want the album to have a theme like "Welcome To My Nightmare" or "Dark Side Of The Moon". I want it to have a consistency. The first song we wrote was "Love 2 Hate U". It turned out to be a duet and it was really great. It was like, "Wow — this is really something that's going to work". We ended up staying in that studio for a year recording this album!
Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks! conducted an interview with Andreas Kisser of Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA before the band's April 30 concert at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. You can now watch the chat in two parts below.

When asked about the possibility of SEPULTURA one day reuniting with former members Max (guitar, vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums), Andreas said, "Possibilities are open all the time, but there is nothing in the [works]. It's not part of our plans. We have totally different plans; we have a busy year [ahead of us]. We will maybe start thinking about a new album for next year and stuff."

He added, "[We have been getting questions about a reunion] since Max left the band, and more strongly after Igor left the band. But it's a part of what SEPULTURA is. What can I do?! It's a rich history behind [the band], with many changes. And I guess we're gonna be talking about that forever.

"If something like that were to happen, it would have to [happen] very naturally. Because SEPULTURA was always like that — it was not made by managers or a business offer; it was made by people who love to play together and [make] music together. The consequence of what SEPULTURA [accomplished] is only because of that. So if we [did] it right, it would be cool. But I don't see it happening."

SEPULTURA played its first show with new drummer Eloy Casagrande (GLÓRIA, ANDRÉ MATOS) on November 25, 2011 in Lichtenfels, Germany.

Casagrande joined SEPULTURA as the replacement for Jean Dolabella, who left the band because he could no longer handle being away from home for long periods of time.

Eloy is a 21-year-old drum prodigy from São Paulo, Brazil who won the Modern Drummer "Undiscovered Drummer" contest as a teenager in 2006.

Dolabella left SEPULTURA after a five-year run of relentless touring and two studio albums. He joined SEPULTURA in 2006 following the departure of the band's original drummer, Igor Cavalera.

SEPULTURA is touring in support of its 12th studio album, and Nuclear Blast Records debut, "Kairos", which hit stores in July 2011.
Director/photographer Fran Strine is set to direct and produce his debut Kickstarter-funded, non-music documentary entitled "Shame On America". The project is a tribute to veterans who give everything to defend their country and a lament on the lack of care for them upon their return home.

The idea for the project was put together by Strine and a collection of his illustrious, longtime collaborators. Co-producing the film is the frontman of multi-platinum rockers STAIND, Aaron Lewis. Lewis is also a rising solo country music star, with his first album in the genre attaining gold-selling status. Also notable is the film's narrator, legendary MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson.

"Shame On America" is a full-length documentary that tells the raw and tragic details of what life is like as an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran today. Many veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and among them are those whose lives have fallen apart and have become homeless as a result. Severe PTSD leaves these returning heroes on a downward spiral into their own personal hell.

On any given night not far from your front door, there are upwards of 75,000 veterans trying to survive the brutal conditions of the streets.

The VA has seen their backlog of disability claims increase to 864,000 with the majority suffering from PTSD. "Shame On America" explores how and why this can happen in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The film endeavors to share with the American public the extreme reality of life after war. It does this by spending a night with veterans on the street, confronting politicians on this very important issue and talking to people about how much they know about the situation. Knowledge is power and "Shame On America" shines a spotlight on the problem — a powerful step in the right direction of empowering the American public to tackle this situation using their voice.

This issue frustrates patriots like Lewis, who explains, "I was aware that homelessness and PTSD were an issue, but Fran brought some really alarming numbers and statistics to the table. I knew then I had to be part of this film. To know that our sons and daughters have committed themselves, sacrificed everything for us, followed the orders they are given only to come home to nothing hit me hard. For these men and women to have psychological issues that require immediate attention, have to be reviewed by a panel with a year long wait to see if they might qualify for the benefits they are owed and many becoming homeless in the process really bothers me. I love my country and cherish the women and men of the armed forces even more. America should be ashamed."

Ellefson was equally impassioned when asked to participate in the documentary, saying, "I think this film is long overdue to tell the story of the brokenness that befalls so many of the frontline warriors who gave all for our personal freedoms and civil liberties. They have traveled a mile in shoes none of us could ever fully comprehend, until now."

What can YOU do NOW? You can go to Kickstarter.com and search for "Shame On America" to pledge whatever funds you can to move this project ahead. When you make a pledge on the site, you get a reward beyond enabling Strine to tell this story, and there are some great things available. The story is very important — our veterans need to be heard and helped!

Kickstarter is the largest group funding resource available for creative projects in the world. Every day, thousands of people like you pledge millions of dollars to inspiring projects from various categories. Every project launched on this site must be fully funded before its time expires or you are not charged anything.
Pandie Suicide of Press Pass LA recently conducted an interview with SLAYER/PHILM drummer Dave Lombardo. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Press Pass LA: Can you tell me a bit about the [debut PHILM] album? What was involved with the process for recording "Harmonic"?

Dave: Well, we were doing a bunch of demos, and you know, trying to shop it, to shop the band. But we really didn't get anywhere or get something that we were happy with, so I got tired of running into these brick walls. I said, "You know what, guys?! Let's just record the freaking record ourselves." So I asked this girl if we could use her house. It was a room in the center of her house and she liked to play music in there, to play guitar and sing. I said, "Wow, this room is really cool." It had a tile floor, stucco walls, and a wood ceiling. It was kind of reminiscent of the room in Hagen, Germany at this place called the Woodhouse where I recorded all the GRIP INC. records in the mid-'90s. So it was reminiscent of that room, and I knew our drums would sound really good in that room. So she said, "Go ahead," and we set everything up and just started recording all the songs that we had. This is what we got.

Press Pass LA: And how would you describe the album exactly?

Dave: It's like… it's punk, it's like extreme rock, it's not extreme metal or thrash metal or anything like that... it's just extreme rock. It stops at a certain place and it doesn't go any further. So it's that extreme rock, kind of punk, ambient, psychedelic, jazz funk, funkadelic kind of funkadelic punk...there it is, that's it!

Press Pass LA: Are you recording with SLAYER right now or were you recently?

Dave: I was. I recorded some songs for them and something is going to come out, sooner or later.

Press Pass LA: Can you tell us more about what to expect or when we can expect that?

Dave: I don't know anything, all I know is that Kerry [King, guitar] and Tom [Araya, bass/vocals] are doing vocals this week. Because I'm working with PHILM, they're going to do vocals this week.

Press Pass LA: You mentioned before that you were shopping demos and ended up going with Mike Patton's label Ipecac Recordings. Was that an obvious choice considering your history (playing with him in FANTÔMAS)?

Dave: Well, I exhausted all other companies that I was interested in, that were also interested in the band. I exhausted all those avenues and then I said, "Okay, I'm going to give it to Patton." Because I didn't know if Patton was going to like it or not, I just didn't know. I said, "You know what?! Let me give it to Patton and see what he says." And he loved it and you know what? It was the best decision that we made as a band, is taking it to him because his record company definitely caters to musicians like us. Musicians that are a little different, so it's good.
HOUSE OF LORDS singer James Christian is working on his first solo album since 2004's "Meet The Man". According to a posting on his official web site, the as-yet-untitled CD will arrive late summer or early fall and "will be worth the wait and a worthy successor to James's two previous releases."

HOUSE OF LORDS' latest album, "Big Money", came out in September via Frontiers Records.

Christian last year underwent an operation for prostate cancer. He told Metal-Rules.com in a March 2012 interview, "So far it's stabilized. I had a surgery to try to remove most of the problem. That was cancer; no way to go around it. So right now I'm okay, but, you know, you just never know, so I'm just thankful every day that I can go out there and perform." He added, "I feel good. I lost a lot of weight. I would have preferred to lose it a different way, but the way that I had to lose it was the fact that it was, you know, recovery. So now I try to keep it down and try to stay healthy."
Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based extreme metallers KATAKLYSM have unveiled the complete track listing for their multidisc DVD entitled "The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined". The DVD will be released on July 3 via Nuclear Blast and will feature a documentary and bonus CD materials. The set will depict the ups and downs of the band's long, turbulent career, as well as footage of KATAKLYSM's performance at last year's Summer Breeze festival, which took place August 18-20, 2011 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. The cover art for the release was created by artist Colin Marks (ORIGIN, EXODUS, NEVERMORE) and can be viewed below.

Commented KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono: "Director Tommy Jones has really captured the band's story and magic on this thing. I'm super-excited; this DVD will turn many heads. Our fans will be proud. Most of all, I got memories immortalized of a beautiful story. If we don't earn the respect with this, then the ones not giving it are in the wrong biz."

"The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined" track listing:

Iron Will Part I
The Early Years 1991-2004

01. Let's Start A Band 1991-1993
02. Signing to Nuclear Blast in 1994
03. Mexico in 1995
04. Max Leaves the Band
05. The Temple of Knowledge
06. The Reformation in 1997
07. Leaving NB in 1998
08. The Prophecy Returns to NB in 2000
09. EPIC 2001
10. In Shadows & Dust
11. Max Quits, Again

Iron Will Part II
The Rebirth 2004-2011

01. Serenity In Fire with Martin in 2004
02. Max Comes Back
03. In The Arms... 2006
04. Prevailing in 2008
05. 2010 Heaven's Venom
06. Ozzfest
07. Albano's & Saverio
08. The World Tour
09. Transylvania
10. SPQR Rome
11. Touring with Kids
12. New Orleans
13. 2 Decades of Congrats
14. Credits
+ "Iron Will" video clip

On Fire At Summer Breeze
Live at Summer Breeze Open Air 2011

01. Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)
02. Taking The World By Storm
03. The Awakener
04. To Reign Again
05. Manipulator Of Souls
06. As I Slither
07. At The Edge Of The World
08. As My World Burns
09. Drum Solo
10. Blood On The Swans
11. Astral Empire
12. Feeling The Neverworld
13. The Orb Of Uncreation
14. In Shadows And Dust
15. Crippled And Broken
16. Push The Venom

Best Of Kataklysm

01. Iron Will
02. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
03. Push The Venom
04. In Shadows And Dust
05. Manipulator Of Souls
06. Crippled And Broken
07. Prevail
08. As I Slither
09. The Awakener
10. The Resurrected
11. Let Them Burn
12. At The Edge Of The World
13. Taking The World By Storm
14. Blood In Heaven
15. The Ambassador Of Pain
16. Where The Enemy Sleeps
17. The Road To Devastation
18. Sorcery
19. The Orb Of Uncreation

KATAKLYSM recently recorded the single "Iron Will" in Montreal, Canada with guitarist/producer Jean-François Dagenais. It was mixed Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, BEHEMOTH, MNEMIC) in Denmark.

A video for the song "Iron Will" can be seen below.

KATAKLYSM's "At The Edge Of The World" video was filmed on March 20, 2011 at the band's hometown show at Club Soda. This concert also marked the end of the group's "Spread the Venom" European/North American tour. The video was helmed by director Tommy Jones (DEATH ANGEL, SOILWORK), who also worked with KATAKLYSM on "The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined".

KATAKLYSM's latest album, "Heaven's Venom", sold around 2,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 8 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

KATAKLYSM's previous CD, "Prevail", opened with 2,250 units back in June 2008.

"Heaven's Venom" was produced by Jean-Francois Dagenais and was mixed by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, MNEMIC, DARK TRANQUILLITY).
Death metal ministers SIX FEET UNDER have announced the addition of Swedish rhythm guitarist Ola Englund (FEARED, SCARPOINT) to their legendary ranks. Englund, who will make his first official appearance with the band on the "18 Nights Of Blood Tour" next month, takes the place of Rob Arnold (CHIMAIRA).

Comments SIX FEET UNDER founding vocalist Chris Barnes: "Ola is an amazing guitarist and was chosen for his superlative technique and style of playing. We believe he will be the perfect complement to Steve Swanson, and the devastating rhythm section that is [Kevin] Talley/[Jeff] Hughell. Steve, Kevin, Jeff and myself are so looking forward to Ola's entrance into the band upon the release of 'Undead' and the commencement of our first tour next month with DYING FETUS and REVOCATION. We can't wait for you to witness the new killing machine that is SIX FEET UNDER!

"Ola takes over duties for our good friend and death metal warrior Rob Arnold who will be retiring from touring but will remain a central writing partner and fellow collaborator on future SIX FEET UNDER releases. We are all sad to not have Rob on the road with us, but are confidant and 110% psyched that Ola is now within the ranks of the 'Undead' and will be ready to lay waste to every stop along the way! Hails!"

Adds Englund: "When I got the call from Chris, it felt unreal; first thing that popped up in my head was, 'Why the hell did he want me — the total gear nerd from Sweden — to join his awesome band? To be able to share the stage with one of the biggest icons in death metal and the other killer musicians in SIX FEET UNDER is a complete honor and a dream come true for me. I couldn't be happier about the situation! Also the new album blew my mind the first time I heard it, it's intense as hell, but still has the riffs and the grooves that SIX FEET UNDER swears by. Fans are going to love it! I'm looking forward to kick some serious ass together with Chris, Kevin, Steve and Jeff! See you on tour!"

Check out video footage documenting Englund's guitar skills below.

SIX FEET UNDER's new album, "Undead", is being released today (Tuesday, May 22) through Metal Blade Records. The 12-track CD was produced by Mark Lewis (DEICIDE, DEVILDRIVER) and mixed by Jason Suecof (WHITECHAPEL, JOB FOR A COWBOY), at AudioHammer Studios in Sanford, Florida.

"Undead" track listing:

01. Frozen At The Moment Of Death
02. Formaldehyde
03. 18 Days
04. Molest Dead
05. Blood On My Hands
06. Missing Victims
07. Reckless
08. Near Death Experience
09. The Scar
10. Delayed Combustion Device
11. Vampire Apocalypse
12. The Depths Of Depravity

In conjunction with the release of "Undead", SIX FEET UNDER will embark upon a near three-week run of live rituals this June. Dubbed the "18 Nights Of Blood Tour", the beatings will begin in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8 and ravage its way across the country before coming to a close on June 29 in Tampa, Florida. Support will be provided by DYING FETUS and REVOCATION.

SIX FEET UNDER's European tour will kick off on August 11 in Jaromer, Czech Republic and will conclude on August 18 in Hamburg, Germany. Support on the trek will come from DEW-SCENTED.

SIX FEET UNDER recently parted ways with bassist Matt DeVries and replaced him with Jeff Hughell, formerly of the Santa Cruz, California technical death metal band BRAIN DRILL and Concord, California death metal group VILE, and currently of RECIPROCAL.

Bassist Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall announced their departures from SIX FEET UNDER in January 2011. Butler has since joined OBITUARY as a permanent member.

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