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Let me put in a full vote for Karen Carpenter. Listen to how clear her vocals were throughout all of her/their records. THAT is what is amazing. The Bee gees, while I did love them, were just OK. They were more like what Phil Collins became - these pop maestros, where anything virtually that Barry Gibb wrote became a hit for someone. And though I lived in the Sixties, and remember all the hit groups, I never liked the Four Seasons either. Too manufactured. Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka - you can keep 'em all. Now, for true harmonies, give me the Beatles, the Mamas and Papas, Spanky and Our Gang and the Culture Club. There is an art present when a range of three or four voices can join in and create a new, fuller voice. Most "singers" today have no idea what harmonies are - we can thank Autotune and American Idol for this.

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i love her too. not enough to call her my #1 but she was great. i love the Bee Gees too but not 4 Seasons.

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> Karen was the beautifully gifted singer/musician with a 10,000 megawatt smile. John Lennon once told her that he loved her voice !
> I just love her voice and her music. Karen wasn't a rock singer but she definitely was a great rock 'n roll drummer and some of her music could be categorized as borderline rock 'n roll because it did incorporate some of the elements of rock music. The guitar lick from "goodbye to love" is an absolutely brilliant piece of music and imho it compares favorably to anything that was ever put out by George Harrison. About myself: I'm a fifty-something who grew up during the heyday of the rock era and I would love to share some of my favorite YouTube videos of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and the Bee Gees. Karen is my favorite musician of the rock era, and I would love to meet others who love her too. OE.

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