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That was one of the nice things about living in Las Vegas, i now live on the Oregon Coast, but i did see some great shows, "Phantom" 4 times, "Jersey Boys" twice, "Blue Man Group" 3 times, "Stomp Out Loud" 4 times etc, but i also saw the Cirque show "Love" twice and you are correct, it is great! The only other Cirque show i saw was "Mystere". Getting back to "Love" i was not crazy about the Blackbird part, kind of weak compared to the rest of the show. When i was living there i was a cab driver for 6 years and i had many passengers tell me they were disappointed they could not see "Love", when making hotel reservations, make reservations too for the shows! "Love" is always a sell out despite this slow economy! So if going to Vegas you have to see "Phantom", "Love" and "Jersey Boys"!
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Went to see "Phantom" when we visited Vegas a couple of yars ago and loved it, but have to tell you it doesn't even compare to the Cirque Beatles "Love" show. Amazing is the only word I can come up with to describe.

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I remember all those hits from the radio when I was a kid, they ok, but one day I was in a record shop and for 99 cents was the cassette tape of The Carpenters tribute, "If I Were a  Carpenter", so I grabbed it, and it is great! My favorite on there is Grant Lee Buffalos version of We've Only Just Begun, in fact it is in my MP3 also. Anyone else familiar with that tribute album and if so what you think of it?
And since you also mentioned Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons, when I was living in Las Vegas (same place as the above mentioned record shop) I saw the show "Jersey Boys" absolutely fantastic! Best stage show I have ever seen and I also saw "Phantom" there 4 times too! That show is a must! Anyone seen it? "Phantom" is the best production I have seen, stage, costuming, theatre etc, but the story and the 4 lead performances in "Jersey Boys" makes that show my favorite ever stage show!
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Karen was the beautifully gifted singer/musician with a 10,000 megawatt smile. John Lennon once told her that he loved her voice !

I just love her voice and her music. Karen wasn't a rock singer but she definitely was a great rock 'n roll drummer and some of her music could be categorized as borderline rock 'n roll because it did incorporate some of the elements of rock music. The guitar lick from "goodbye to love" is an absolutely brilliant piece of music and imho it compares favorably to anything that was ever put out by George Harrison. About myself: I'm a fifty-something who grew up during the heyday of the rock era and I would love to share some of my favorite YouTube videos of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and the Bee Gees. Karen is my favorite musician of the rock era, and I would love to meet others who love her too. OE.

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