[Classic_Rock_Forever] Re: Does anybody else love Karen Carpenter ??


Add me to the list guys...

I digest everything from Pat Boone to Motorhead, John Denver to Aerosmith, Henry Mancini to the Sex Pistols, Vivaldi to Nirvana (British and American!).

My three top bands are The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and The Mamas & Papas. Some others are The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Left Banke, Zombies, Beatles & Stones obviously...

And...I LOVE The Carpenters!!

First off, Richard is a CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED arranger and BRILLIANT Pianist; his sense of harmony is astounding, his lovely use of the maj 7th chord, putting it in places where other wouldn't think to is very inventive and unique.

Karen...probably THE single most pleasing voice ever placed on this, or any other planet.

Unlike most female singers of today who wallow in too much vibrato, singing either "Baby talk" or "Groggy", Karen's use of the vibrato is subtle, and nothing short of exquisite...

Her breath control, tone, timbre, EVERYTHING about this Woman's voice was astounding. And, as a jazz drummer, she left most "Rock" players in the dust..

To this day, when I hear "Superstar" or "For all we know", I still lose it.

Born in 1961, I came of age during the "Have a nice day" (1970-74) era, and I was drenched in Carpenters on the cassette player in mom's car...dad wouldn't allow rock n' roll, but we ALL Loved Carpenters, and that's why I heard it so much.

Paul Williams said it very well:

"OK, they're sound may have been vanilla, but it was the best possible flavour of vanilla imaginable".

Ironically Karen, up to the day we lost her, considered herself a "Drummer who sang"...

Best, Christian

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