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if you watched this film

you could probably figure out which TV performance this pic is from

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WOW! Great members here. Glad I found you.
When I said it was familiar that's about as far as my memory could reach. But, JC, don't slap me upside the head because I didn't know. <;^). My son passed away at the age of 49. Tons of stuff has to go and didn't know if this was worth keeping. There's a slighty blurred (real ink, not ballpoint) note on the back that says "To Drew and the Jim" and then signed what's either MRC or NRC. That's why I wondered who the band members were. I'll now do some searching on the WHO. I figured Jim picked it up at a concert sometime before his accident that put him in 24/7/365 care until he passed away one day short of 29 years after the accident.

I'm not upset, in fact chuckling over the WHO WOULDN'T RECOGNIZE THE WHO? comment. But I'll have to respond to that and ask JC if he remembers who Benny Goodman's drummer was. Without searching the web, that is.

HEY! Guys n Gals. Thanks very much for the quick answers. Really appreciate it.


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> Am I in the right group with this question? I have to admit I have a case of CRS. Can anyone ID this band and its members? Or tell me where I can get the answer? Very familiar to me, especially the lead singer, but I can't come up with the info. This pic is about 30 years old.
> Thanks, Dick

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