[Classic_Rock_Forever] Re: Need help with a band ID.


Thanks for the Wikipedia lead for the film clips and articles. I searched other sites and didn't find anyone who might fit those initials. The Wiki one might take a while to search. I think it's about 110 pages.

MIKE - sorry the gene didn't pass down from Gene. Don't even think about your great uncle, Gene Krupa, being PERHAPS one of the all time greats. There is no question there, it's a positive. As far as I'm concerned he was/is the number one. I often would replay any of Gene's solos over and over and over. Fantastic!

I guess I'm going to say a final thanks to all for your help. I do a lot of cyber space research for myself and friends, but it doesn't get near rock more than maybe once a year.

Have a great year.


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